Short Fiction

As some of you may have picked up on by now, I'm not very good at writing short; I'm too fond of character development and lore and random discussions for that. I do try, though, and occasionally I succeed. The results are below, listed by genre.


“Black Letter”
A story in the world of the Berstru Tales. The assassin Aleta is used to receiving dark news . . . but this particular letter hits home in a way she never expected.

A battle-scarred warrior returns to her hometown in search of answers about her past.

Where he was when the rockets came to life and carried her away into the alligator sky.

“His Princess”
Allegory about a prisoner and the Prince who wishes to set her free.

An internal monologue set in the world of the Berstru Tales, before the main series starts.

“Justice Battle”
In a fantasy world that totally isn’t ancient Rome, a warrior must choose whether to spare or kill a religious rebel.

“The Message Spider”
A folktale featuring talking spiders, missing brothers, and irony.

Pi(e) Day
Cute fluff-fic about Katelyn, Aedon, and pie. Set in the world of Between Two Worlds.

“Poison Lies”
Emotional angst in a fantasy setting, featuring homages to characters written by three of my friends on the Underground.

"Spaghetti Vows"
A short story about love, prejudice, and pasta, inspired by an altar promise to make spaghetti whenever the other asks for it.

“Speak Life”
An allegory about the power of words, inspired by TobyMac’s song by the same name.

“The House”
A foray into the creepiness genre about two siblings and the house they’ve been told never to leave.

"The Hunter"
An angry shapeshifter seeks revenge against a hunter.


Sci-Fi and Dystopian

The First Mission
A dystopian story of Mikayla, a young agent in the secret Silver Bullets organization, and her first mission. Featuring intrigue, action, and broken family relationships. Posted in three parts because it’s way too long for one post.
Part One || Part Two || Part Three 

“My Fault”: A Star Wars Fanfic
As her sister drifts close to death, a young Jedi wonders what she could’ve done better to prevent this tragedy.


Historical and Contemporary Fiction

“Lost and Found”
Contemporary fiction about a father’s search for his missing daughter.

“Worth It”
When the going gets hard and the writer wants to go to bed, she debates giving up on her writing, but finds strength from the trials of her favorite characters.

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