Book Reviews

I read many books. Occasionally I review them- less now than I used to; most of my current reviews are posted in conjunction with a blog tour or book release. If you're interested, I have more reviews over on Goodreads.


Fairy Tales: Five Enchanted Roses



Anne Elisabeth Stengl: Goddess Tithe || Golden Daughter

E. Kaiser Writes: Thaw #1-2

Gillian Bronte Adams: Songkeeper

Kendra E. Ardnek: Bookania #1-3 || The Ankulen || Water Princess, Fire Prince || Lady Dragon, Tela Du

Suzannah Rowntree: Pendragon's Heir

Sci-Fi and Dystopian

Morgan Elizabeth Huneke: Twisted Dreams

Veronica Roth: Divergent trilogy



Captain America: Civil War

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