I'm not much of a poet; merely a dabbler in an art to which others are better suited and which I only attempt when the mood is strong upon me. Still, I love the rhyme and rhythm of a well-written poem, and occasionally produce some small verse which pleases me and others well enough to be shared.

Faith Poetry

“The Blame”
A poem discussing who is to blame for the sacrifice of Jesus.

“The Mercy Song”
A poem inspired by Bryan Davis’s Children of the Bard series, discussing our fallen state and God’s mercy to us.


Life Poetry

“Accidental Exile”
A free verse poem about the conflict between shyness and a desire for companionship.

"Do You Remember Me"
A poem to all my friends, on and off-line, who've drifted away.

“The Familiar Question”
Composed while in line for Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, this poem contemplates a question I ask myself every time I go to that particular park.

"The Time-Thief"
A sonnet personifying one of my struggles, as you do.

To all those who say bookworms have no life . . . think again.


Nature Poetry

Simple Beauty
A collection of haikus inspired by various images of nature.


Holiday Poetry

The Advent Series
A series of poems written for the Advent celebration. Each poem corresponds to a week of Advent, and the intention is to read the initial couplet on the Sunday that starts the week and to add another verse every day.
Week One || Week Two || Week Three || Week Four

The Christmas Light
The Christmas story in couplets. Originally meant as an Advent poem, but rather long to read all at one go except on special occasions.

A Christmas Wish
A virtual Christmas card for my readers.


Narrative Poetry

Book Title Poetry
A three-part narrative in free verse, written entirely in the titles of books.

"Death to Life"
An experimental allegorical poem about life, death, and light, inspired by a beat and a first line that stuck in my head while I was on a walk.

“The Epic Shriek of Carrie du Kay”
A humorous poem about a strong-winded princess and the dragon who captures her.

"Hidden Secrets"
Serving as the prologue to Danger in the Tower, this poem is written from the perspective of one of the minor characters of the novel.

“The Lay of the Nightblade”
Inspired by the Lay of Beren and Luthien, this poem tells a portion of the story of one of Berstru’s greatest heroes.

“The Pen and the Sword”
An epic tale of the battle against one of the greatest foes in the history of storytelling. Won 2nd place in a county-wide writing contest.

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