Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Villainous Villain Tag

It seems that I've been tagged with another new tag, this time by Dark Wolf! And yes, I promise that I will post more stories eventually, but at the moment, the ending of my next story might make you want to strangle me. So, I have to write a bit more before I can post it. In the meantime, enjoy the Villainous Villain tag!
(1.) Who is your favorite (or main) villain of the book/series you are writing, and how would you describe his/her character?
I'm going to go with Queen Antoina du Karel from Monster in the Castle. Queen du Karel is beautiful, proud, and extremely powerful. She is the ruler of the remaining Unmen, and is determined to forge a way for her people to come out of hiding and rule the world, with her at their head, of course. She claims to be just and kind, more so than the human rulers, but she has no qualms about using her powers to control those under her or about killing those she can't control.

(2.) What special powers (if any) does this villain have?
Queen du Karel is the possessor of a variety of abilities, most of which lie along the lines of black magic. Her main ability is to manipulate peoples' minds in varying degrees. With most people, she can mess with their senses- for example, making them feel pain and making them see or otherwise discern things differently than they really are. She can also manipulate their emotions in a similar way. Depending on how much protection a person has against her powers, she can even completely control their minds.  

(3.) What was your inspiration for the character?
To be honest, I really don't know, other than I knew that I needed my villain to be a queen with magic powers. I also knew the general idea of how Unmen worked, so I took that knowledge and went from there.

(4.) Of all the villains in your book/series, what distinguishes this villain from the others?
First of all, she makes no effort to hide the fact that she's incredibly powerful- though this is partly because of the setting my characters meet her in. She's also much less opposed to humans than the majority of Unmen are. 

(5.) Even though this character is on the side of evil, what trait does this villain posses that you admire?   
She cares about her family and her people and wants to do the best she can for both. 

(6.) What lessons can be learnt from the character’s story? 
Doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still doing the wrong thing. If obedience is someone's only choice, it isn't really obedience. (If that makes sense.) No matter how powerful you are, Adonai is greater.

(7.) If you had the opportunity to meet your villain, would you do so? 
Probably not. Even if she didn't know I was her author, it would probably result in pain on my end.

And finally for tagging people. I tag:
Dmitri Pendragon


  1. Interesting villain! Female villains are rare, at least in the books that I read. :)

    1. Thank you! And yes, they're fairly rare in the books I read too. (Though a lot of books near the top of my favorites list have female villains.)

  2. Very good! I probably only have a couple series in my great stash that have female villains.

    By the way, you'll probably see an extra icon on your followers list showing me again. That's because this time I'm registering using my Google account instead of an open id, so you can delete the first one.

    1. Thank you very much!

      Got it. I'm not sure which one is your new one, though, so if you don't mind terribly, I think I'll just let them both be.

    2. My new one ought to have my full bio on there, but it's no problem if you leave it. I was just suggesting it, because I didn't think you'd want two of the same on there.

    3. I don't particularly care one way or another. It looks like you've changed your picture, so maybe it'll be easier to tell which is which.


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