Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Week

Hi, everyone! It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for an update on my life!

·        My novel has been going well. I’ve gotten a fairly good amount of work done on it, and hope to get even more done in the next few weeks.
·        I have also started a new novel. This one is about a girl who gets pressured into entering a writing contest, ends up having to either win or suffer humiliation, and how she manages to win or not win. The main character? A small-town Texas girl named Destiny Lawrence. This novel is being written in first-person, present tense, one of my favorite writing styles because it’s different from the way most people write and it’s more dramatic than typical writing styles.
·        There was a photo contest at the photo club I go to this past Thursday. You can see the photos I entered here. One of them, “Cherry Blossoms”, got an honorable mention.
·        Recently, I heard some news that made me extremely excited: the third book in The Berinfell Prophecies, a series by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, is coming out! In case anyone doesn’t know, The Berinfell Prophecies is one of my favorite series, and I have been looking forward to book three for some time now.
·        I will be taking a short break from blogging, so don’t be surprised if this post is the latest one when you check.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hi, everyone! I’m back, with some more of my writing! Now, normally I’d post a story part today, but I decided to do something different: I’ll post a poem. In case you didn’t know, I do write poetry quite a bit, though my main focus is usually on short stories and novels. So, without further ado, I present “Dream”

A man walks up to me,
With hair of grey,
And a long tattered coat
That looks too old to say.

I wonder his name,
His purpose and plan.
Why does he want me?
This ancient man.

I’m an ordinary girl.
Nothing special at all.
Few friends and no talent,
Quite unremarkable.

I’m no star athlete,
No beauty queen,
No smart kid, no dummy
I’m just plain old me.

I look into his eyes,
And see many years,
I see love, I see kindness,
And no kinds of fears.

He looks back at me,
And I see in his gaze
Bravery and strength,
And a king’s ways.

I ask him “Sir,
Why do you care,
To single me out,
From the crowds everywhere?

There are others far better-
Smarter and cooler.
I’m a nobody, sir,
And you seem a great ruler.

What is your name, sir?
And why do you come
To me on this day,
When in my life there’s no sun?”

He smiles at me,
And I hear him reply
With a kind and strong voice,
And a loving eye.

“You aren’t a nobody,
You’re special, unique!
You have special talents,
Which you need to seek!

You say others are better,
That they’re smarter and cooler.
Well as you have guessed,
I am a ruler.

You are my child,
A Princess of Light,
But do not fear,
Just fight the good fight.”

I start to ask questions,
Say “I don’t understand!”
But he stops me from asking,
And squeezes my hand.

“Few understand
When they’re first called by me.
But keep learning more,
And then you will see.”

He hands me a book,
Old and weathered.
But the page edges glint gold,
And it’s covered it leather.

I glimpse golden letters
On the brown cover.
In my head I suspect
That it’s like no other.

“Guard this and read it,”
The old man tells me.
“And don’t try to pay-
My gift comes free.”

He turns to leave,
And I rush after him.
But I cannot catch up,
And my vision goes dim.

Everything turns black,
I rub my eyes.
Then, they open-
What a surprise!

I’m lying in bed,
In my own room.
Was it just a dream?
I wonder and muse.

Then my eyes fall on a book
That is clutched in my hand.
It’s bound it brown leather,
With gold pages and

When I take a close look,
The writing shines gold!
Is it the book from my dream?
It’s battered and old.

I think It must be!
Then read the words.
“The Tale of the King,
Holy Bible,” they say.

I learn the true story,
Of the world and of God.
A story that many
Consider quite odd.

All have been called,
To love and serve Him,
But choice is not to be made
On a hunch or a whim.
Will you answer the call?
Think long and hard.
For while all are welcome,
The journey is hard.

Will you take the risk?
Will you open your heart?
I will tell you though-
The end’s better than the start.

What did you think of it? I’d love to know! Please comment and tell me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red Review

Author: Ted Dekker
"The mind-bending pace of Black accelerates in Red, Book Two of Ted Dekker's epic Circle Series. Less than a month ago, Thomas was a failed writer selling coffee at the Java Hut in Denver. Now he finds himself on a desperate quest to rescue two worlds from collapse. In one world, he's a battle-scarred general commanding and army of primitive warriors. In the other, he's racing to outwit sadistic terrorists intent on creating global chaos through an unstoppable virus.

Two worlds on the brink of destruction. One unthinkable solution.

Enter an adrenaline-laced epic where dreams and reality collide. Nothing is as it seems as Black turns to Red."
-Summary from the back of Red

Characters: Very good! This book is full of amazing characters, every bit as epic as those in Black. There are plenty of twists about who each character is, with the revelation of a few faces (or names anyway) that I never expected. There is, however, one think that I dislike about the cast of characters: the very regrettable absence of Roush, Gabil in particular.

Location: Very good! The locations are as incredible as they were in Black, with clear description and imagery.

Plot: Excellent! If you thought that Black was exciting, you’ll love Red! With a new twist or turn at every corner, this book will keep you turning the pages until you come to the cliffhanger ending. However, it is also very sad at the end, for reasons I won’t mention here for fear of spoiling the book.

Other: You want an epic tale with amazing characters, an incredible double plot, and more action than you could imagine in a single book? Read Red.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Right Thing Conclusion

Hello, everyone! Ready for more of The Right Thing? I hope so, because I’m posting more today! If you need a refresher, here’s part three. And now, without further ado, part four!

Part Four
I got home from school later than usual the next day. Mum had confiscated my car keys, which meant that I had to walk to school in the typical Scotland rain, which cast a grey cloud over my mood. It didn’t help that many of my friends were vastly unsympathetic, and the few that were sympathetic didn’t have cars yet. Also, I discovered that I had an Algebra test, a surprise Social Studies quiz, and we were playing basketball, one of the few sports I don’t like, in gym. The single bright spot was the hug and whispered “thank you!” I received from Emma. As you can imagine, my mood was decidedly black by the time I arrived home. However, all school paled in comparison to what awaited me at home in the form of a mop, scrub brush, and bucket.
            Mum cornered me as soon as I got in the door. “You have work to do.” She thrust a mop towards me. “If you’re going to be home the rest of the day, you should do something useful.”
            I gulped, remembering the stacks of homework that I needed to finish tonight, and the leather-bound copy of The Book of Lost Tales that awaited me upstairs. “But Mum,” I protested, as I removed my coat, “I b’ havin’ homework t’ do and books t’ read! Yu wouldn’t like t’ see me fall behind in me schoolwork, would yu?” I hoped that Mum’s overprotective-ness would work in my favor once more.
            Unfortunately, Mum wasn’t swayed. “You can do that after you clean the kitchen floor. If you get started now, you can finish with plenty of time to read.”
            I knew there was no hope of changing Mum’s mind now, but I did try to buy a little time. “Mum, can I at least take off me school clothes first and put on something else?”
             Mum nodded. “Go. But make sure you hurry!”
            Ten minutes later, I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor and wondering why in the world I bothered to take the blame. I was so intent on this that I didn’t hear Audrey walk up behind me. “Yu missed a spot.” she informed me.
            I turned and glared at her. “I haven’t gotten there yet, and don’t yu b’ sneakin’ up on me like that!”
            Audrey just smirked and stood there with her hand on her hip. “Yu’ve gotten yurself into a lot of trouble, Elf. So much for yur reputation of being the golden girl of the house and the high school.”
            I almost smiled at hearing my nickname, but Audrey’s other words made me glare more. “Yu and I both b’ knowin’ that I didn’t break Mum’s vase.”
            Audrey attempted to raise an eyebrow in my direction, but failed. “Oh? Then why’d yu take the blame? Yu could’ve let me do it and kept your reputation. I’m already in trouble, what’s a little more?”
            Audrey’s question stopped me in my tracks. Though it was the same question I’d been asking myself all day, it seemed to have much more weight when spoken. Why did I take the blame? Then, the answer dawned on me. “I b’ takin’ the blame because o’ love, Audrey. It b’ the right, lovin’ thing t’ do. That b’ all.”
            Audrey frowned. “What do yu mean?”
            I sighed. “I b’ takin’ the blame because I love yu two. I don’t b’ wantin’ Emma gettin’ the blame and thinkin’ that Mum hates her. Yu b’ knowin’ that’s what would’ve happened. And yu say that a little more trouble won’t b’ hurtin’ yu, but yu’re wrong, Audrey. If yu b’ gettin’ in one more bit o’ trouble, yu won’t b’ leavin’ the house for a year. I don’t want t’ see that happen. I love yu too much t’ want that. So, I b’ takin’ the blame. Now, if yu don’t b’ mindin’, I b’ havin’ a floor t’ scrub.”

Well? What did you think of it? Please comment and let me know! I’d love to hear your opinions!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Flowers and Gardens

Hi, everyone! Today is Monday, and that means that I'm posting some of my photography. Today, since there's a Flowers and Gardens photo competition coming up at the Loudoun County Photo Club, I decided to post the pictures I'll be entering. So, here they are:

This is a picture that I blogged about in Chilly Cherry Blossoms.
This picture was taken very recently, when I went to Lexington two weekends ago.

This is a picture that I re-did in Black and White. To see the original picture, go here.
I hope you like them! I'll let you know how they do on Friday. What do you think of them? Please comment and tell me!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trips, Thunderbirds, and Tales: My Last Two Weeks

Hello, everyone! Since today is Saturday and I didn’t post yesterday, it’s time for an update on what I’ve been doing lately.

·        Last weekend, the 13th through the 15th, we went to Lexington, VA to see friends. We had a good time, and it was a nice break from normal life.
·        Yesterday, the 20th, we went to the air show. We watched three groups: the Golden Knights, the Thunderbirds, and the GEICO Skytypers. My favorite group was the Thunderbirds. It’s amazing how they can do all those perfect formations and such. Even more amazing is how long they must have to practice to do it perfectly!
·        I have gotten some work done on The Call, but not as much as I’d like. However, I have gotten one of the most important scenes done, and my three main characters are together and on speaking terms, or possibly arguing terms.
·        I am very excited about reading the last and most recent Redwall book, The Rogue Crew. I actually didn’t realize that it was out until last night, when I found out that a friend had it. Naturally, I asked Mommy to request it for me from the library as soon as we got home.
·        I have decided to make a slight change to my blogging schedule. Instead of posting updates on my life on Fridays, I’ll post them on Saturdays. This is because I tend to be rather busy Friday nights, and it can sometimes get a little hectic.
·        Last, but definitely not least, SCHOOL IS OVER! The only thing I have left is a day or so’s work in my copywork, which will be easy. Needless to say, I’m extremely happy about this. I also hope that I’ll get more writing done, since I won’t have to worry about schoolwork.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Right Thing Part Three

Hello, everyone! Ready for part three of The Right Thing? I hope so, because I’m posting it right now! Need a refresher? Here’s part two. Enjoy!

Part Three
Hours later, I was lying on my bed, making what I knew would be my last private phone call for a week. I quickly found the number in my contacts and pressed the button to call it, knowing that time was of the essence. I muttered under my breath as the other person’s phone rang. “Come on, pick up the phone!”
            “Hello?” The cheerful male voice of Ian Ross, my on-and-off boyfriend, bounced into my ear.
            “Hello, Ian.” My gloomy tone was an enormous contrast between the two of us.
            “Kelia, love! Yu called early! What’d b’ the occasion?”
            I rolled my eyes. “Ian, please. This b’ me last private call for a week. I dinna want yu t’ spoil it with callin’ me love.”
            Ian was still incredibly cheerful. “Dinna b’ tellin’ me that yu b’ in trouble with yur mum! Kelia, yu’re the golden girl o’ the school, yur family, Edinburgh, an’ all o’ . . . yu know. Yu’re never in trouble!”
            I sighed. “Well, Ian, yu b’ wrong for once. I b’ grounded for a week. I won’t b’ able t’ come to our night out Thursday, yu hear?”
            Ian’s reply was less cheerful. “Ah well. I suppose that I won’t b’ dyin’ from not seein’ yu. Farewell for now, Kelia.”
            “Farewell.” I no sooner finished the word when Mum entered.
            “Kelia, no more phone calls in your room until your punishment is over, you understand?”
            I nodded. “I b’ understandin’, Mum. Dinna worry.”
            Mum smiled at me. “Good. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes, so you’d best start getting ready.”
            I sighed. A week of imprisonment loomed above Lady Kelia of Scotland. Would she make it out alive? I frowned and shook my head. Forget Lady Kelia of Scotland! Will I, Kelia Grashen of Edinburgh, make it out alive?

What will happen next? There’s only one way to find out: check back soon! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black Review

Author: Ted Dekker
"Fleeing assailants through deserted alleyways, Thomas Hunter narrowly escapes to the roof of a building. Then a silent bullet from the night clips his head . . . and his world goes black.

From the blackness comes an amazing reality of another world where evil is contained. A world where Thomas Hunter is in love with a beautiful woman. But then he remembers the dream of being chased through an alleyway as he reaches to touch the blood on his head. Where does the dream end and reality begin? Every time he falls asleep in one world, he awakens in the other. Yet in both, catastrophic disaster awaits him . . . may even be caused by him.

Some say the world hangs in the balance of every choice we make. Now the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance of one man's choices."
-Summary from the back of Black
Characters: Excellent! The characters in Black are interesting and colorful, each with flaws, but none so mistake-ridden that they’re annoying.

Location: Great! This book has one of the best settings I’ve found outside of The Lord of the Rings! Both worlds in this book have enough detail that you can get a picture of the setting, but not so much that it overwhelms you.

Plot:  Amazing! This plot is something fairly new and unusual for me, a definite plus. It’s well-drawn, and though complex, not so complicated that it’s confusing. Always exciting, funny when it needs to be, serious when the situation calls for seriousness, this plot is excellent!

Other: Although this is officially the strangest book I’ve ever read, it is excellent! The highly unusual method of travel between worlds, along with the amazing characters and action-packed plot, make this a tale well worth reading.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Right Thing Part Two

Hello, everyone! Did you read last week’s story part of The Right Thing? I hope so, because I’m posting part two today! If not, here’s the link so that you can read it now. I hope you enjoy it!

Part Two
Incredibly protective, Mum’s first instinct was to be, well, a mother. “What happened? Are any of you hurt?”
            I stood, surrendering Emma to Mum. “I’d not b’ thinkin’ that anyone’s hurt, Mum. Emma’s a wee bit upset, but that b’ all.”
            Behind me, Audrey snorted, and I turned to glare at her. I desperately hoped that she got my message that this wasn’t something to laugh about. It didn’t matter. A gasp form Mum made her stop immediately.
            “Who did this?” I turned to see that Mum was as angry as she ever got. I gulped, remembering how Mum had instructed us to be very careful around her vase, and how she had warned us of dire consequences if it was broken. Now, it looked like one of us was about to face those consequences. “I repeat,” Mum said, “Who did this?”
            I glanced around and saw both Emma and Audrey open their mouths to speak, and knew that I had to do something. If the punishment’s anywhere near as harsh as I keep imagining . . . Emma will think Mum really is going to hate her forever. And Audrey’s already in trouble with Mum because of her sneaking out, though I know she’d take the blame. I gulped again. There’s only one thing to do. “I did it.” I said, before anyone else spoke.
            Behind and to the side of me, Audrey and Emma gasped. In front of me, Mum quailed. Inwardly, I smiled grimly. As the oldest, Mum was a little more protective of me. Most of the time, I hated it. Now, it might work in my favor. “I did it.” I repeated.
            Audrey found her voice. “But that’s not-“
            I cut her off with a glare. “Yu b’ quiet!” I hissed.
            Mum regained some of her ferocity. “Kelia Grashen! I’ve told you hundreds of times, be careful around my vase! It’s been in the Siver family for years!” I winced. Every time Mum’s English side of the family is mentioned, it means someone’s about to get in very hot water. “Clean up this mess, young lady! And after that, you’re grounded for a week! No TV, only the most necessary computer access, no going out except for school, which means I’m keeping your car keys for now, and . . . ” Here her mother instincts kicked in “You can either keep your iPod or whatever it’s called, or you can have limited cell phone usage. Take your pick.”
            I pulled my silver iPod from my pocket and handed it to Mum. I couldn’t risk giving Mum my cell phone. Who knows how many of my important contacts she might accidentally delete, or worse, block calls from? “Yes, Mum.” I said. Then, I hurried away to get a broom and dustpan. It’s going to be a long week.

What will happen to Kelia now? Will she continue to take the blame for her sister, or will someone else do it? To find out, check back next time for part three! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainbow Flower

Hello, everyone! I've returned, with more of my photography! Here's today's picture:

This is a picture of a flower. I have no idea what variety, but it looks something like a large dandelion, only red and slightly different. (Did that make sense?) I took this picture at a local public garden, then gave it this look with (you guessed it) a Photoshop filter. What do you think? Please let me know!
Note: In case anyone was wondering about the former title, I messed up because I was planning to do a different picture. Sorry.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Right Thing, Part One

Hi, everyone! Ready for a new tale? Well, I decided to post a new kind of story this time. This story, unlike most of my tales, takes place on Earth, and features a character who I loved writing. I wrote it last September or October, for the AWANA Trek program. So, for your enjoyment, I present “The Right Thing”.

The Right Thing, Part One
Kelia Grashen
Age: 16
She’s an auburn haired, hazel eyed, Scottish teenager, amateur detective, and a “golden girl” who rarely gets in trouble. She also answers to “Kee” or “Elf,” and has no middle name.

Audrey Violet Grashen
Age: 13
She’s Kelia’s raven haired, green eyed younger sister. She’s the family troublemaker, and her style is something close to Goth.

Emma Rose Grashen
Age: 8
She’s Kelia’s blond haired, blue eyed youngest sister. She’s very sensitive and has an overactive imagination.

Mum/Andrea Siver Grashen
Age: Undisclosed
She’s Kelia’s mother, and has blond hair and green eyes. She’s overprotective, and has lived in Scotland since she was married, yet has no accent or anything else that would suggest that she lived anywhere besides her childhood home of England.

        A loud crash coming from downstairs was what started it. As soon as the sound reached my ears, I leaped off my bed and dashed down the stairs in our two-story Edinburgh, Scotland house. What I saw at the bottom of the stairs stopped me in my tracks, which is saying a lot. I’ve seen the results of more bombs, kidnappings, murders, and other bad stuff like that than some policemen. However, those didn’t scare me nearly as much as this did. No way, no how.
            What was this terrifying scene? My eight year old sister, Emma Rose Grashen, stood over a broken vase, one that was completely shattered. She was also crying.
            Now, I know this probably sounds strange, but let me explain. This wasn’t any old vase. This was Mum’s favorite vase, an heirloom from her side of the family, and an antique from the seventeen-hundreds or something like that. Father had warned her many a time to put it in a cabinet or something, but Mum wouldn’t listen, despite the fact that the vase was one of her most prized possessions. Now it was broken. Add the fact that my little sister was crying, something I absolutely hate, and you’ve got a personal disaster.
            The sound of running feet coming in our direction broke me out of my trance. I looked down the hall just in time to see Audrey Violet Grashen, my thirteen year old other sister, come dashing towards us, socks slipping slightly on the polished wood floor. “Audrey! Stop!” I yelled.
            She immediately put on the brakes, but she still slid. She stopped just short of the first pieces of glass, and I breathed a sigh of relief. “Whoa! What happened here, Kelia? Do yu know?”
            I hid a smile. Audrey and Emma both spoke more like Mum, with just a hint of Scottish accent. It was a stark contrast to my own heavily accented tongue, and stood out instantly in the even heavier accents that I’d heard in the downtown Edinburgh area. “Nay, I don’t, but I’d b’ likin’ t’ know that meself.” I said. I carefully picked my way over to Emma. “What happened, sweet lass? Are yu hurt?”
             Emma shook her head. “No, but I broke Mama’s favorite vase! Now she’ll hate me forever!”
            I hugged my sister. Being accustomed to disaster can be very useful when it comes to a crisis. “Now don’t yu b’ silly, Emma-lass. Mum could never b’ hatin’ yu.”
            Emma began sobbing harder. “But I broke her vase, Kee!” I smiled at the fact that she could remember to use one of my nicknames, and hugged her closer. That was when Mum appeared on the scene.

What will happen next? Will Emma get in as much trouble as she thinks she will? To find out, check back soon for part two! In the meantime, please comment and let me know what you think! I’d love to know!
Update: Part Two is up!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 13 Clocks Review

Author: James Thurber
"Once upon a time, in a gloomy castle on a lonely hill, where there were thirteen clocks that wouldn't go, there lived a cold, agressive Duke, and his neice, the Princess Saralinda. She was warm in every wind and weather, but he was always cold. His hands were as cold as his smile, and almost as cold as his heart. He wore gloves when he was asleep and he wore gloves when he was awake, which made it difficult for him to pick up pins or coins or the kernals of nuts, or to tear the wings from nightingales.

So begins Jams Thurber's sublimely revamped fairy tale, The 13 Clocks, in which a wicked Duke who imagines he has killed time, and the Duke's beautiful niece, for whom time seems to have run out, both meet their match, courtesy of an enterprising and very handsome prince in disguise. Readers young and old will take pleasure in this tale of love forestalled but ultimately fulfilled, admiring its upstanding hero ("He yearned to find in a far land the princess of his dreams, singing as he went and possibly slaying a dragon here and there") and unapologetic villain ("We all have flaws," the Duke said. "Mine is being wicked") while wondering at the enigmatic Golux, the mysterious stranger whose unpredictable interventions speed the story to its necessarily happy end."
-Summary from the back of The 13 Clocks

Characters: Very good! Colorful and entertaining, the characters in this fairy-tale type story are funny and interesting. The Duke is as entertaining and chilling a villain as one can get without being downright frightening, and the Golux is one of the most unusual characters I’ve ever read of.

Location: Eh. Nothing particularly good or bad. The fact that all the clocks in the Duke’s castle is interesting, but other than that, there’s nothing really noteworthy.

Plot: Good, but rather cliché. The plot by itself is a rather typical prince-rescues-beautiful-princess plot. However, there’s enough uniqueness in the characters and humor in the dialogue to mostly make up for it.

Other: This book is funny and highly quotable, though short. It’s the type of book that’s good to read when you’re more interested in something short and funny than a tale of epic proportions.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sacrifice Part Nine

Hello, everyone! Ready for the conclusion of The Sacrifice? I hope so, because I’m posting it right now!

Part Nine
Abbie was the one who suggested it. “Why not have a picnic in the garden while we wait for the Prince to come?” she had asked Bethany. Bethany had liked the idea, and that was why they were setting out their noontime meal on a makeshift table.
            Abbie set down the last plate. “What now, Mama?”
            Bethany laid a platter of rolls on the table. “Run and get your father, Abbie, and I’ll bring out the butter. Hurry!”
            Abbie obeyed, running through the house to Matthias’ study. “Papa! Lunch is ready!” she called.
            Matthias rose from his chair. “All right, sunshine, I’m coming.”
            Abbie smiled and tugged on Matthias’ hand. “Mama said to hurry!”
            Matthias allowed himself to be pulled to the table, where he sat down. He bowed his head, saying “Let us thank the Great King for our food.” Abbie and Bethany also bowed their heads, and Matthias prayed “Great King, we thank you for this food and the hands that prepared it. We pray that it will strengthen our bodies to do Your will. Amen.”
            Abbie raised her head and waited for Bethany to give her some salad and fish. Her eyes roved over the table to the garden beyond. Suddenly, she saw someone standing at the garden gate . . . someone familiar. “Mama! Papa!” she cried. “Look who’s here!”
            Bethany and Matthias turned. Bethany gasped and dropped the plate she was holding, which fell back to the table. Matthias fell to his knees. Abbie rushed to open the gate. “You came back! I knew You would!”
            The Prince of Peace knelt to hug Abbie, saying “Ah, Abbie, I wish that all My people had faith like yours. You never doubted Me.”
            Abbie smiled. “You said You’d come. You wouldn’t break Your word.”
            The Prince of Peace stood, saying “Of such is the Great King’s Kingdom.” He walked to Bethany, who blushed.
            “I’m sorry for not having a place for You, my Prince. I wasn’t expecting you quite so soon.”
            The Prince of Peace smiled kindly at her. “Bethany, you have been faithful to Me ever since we met. For this you will be rewarded one day. Do not worry about the place, but be prepared in the future, for I may come at any time.” He turned to Matthias. “Matthias, stand up. Look at Me.”
            Matthias obeyed. “”Is it You, my Prince?” He saw the scars from the rope on His neck. “How, my Prince?”
            The Prince of Peace said “With the Great King, all things are possible.”
            Matthias hung his head. “I know it is You, my Prince. Forgive me for my unbelief.”
            “You are forgiven, Matthias. You believe because you have seen, but blessed are those who believe without seeing.” He looked at the three of them. “I cannot stay with you, My friends. Soon I must return to My Father.”
            Abbie frowned. “Will You ever come back?”
            The Prince of Peace said “Someday I will return, Abbie, and then I will take all those who follow Me back to live with the Great King. But before then, I will not return, though I will still be with you.”
            “What are we to do until then?” Matthias asked.
            “Spread the word!” the Prince of Peace replied. “Tell the world of Me. Do not fear, though people will persecute you, for the Great King will protect you.”
            Matthias nodded. “We will, my Prince. I promise.”
            The Prince of Peace smiled at them. “Thank you, my friends. I must leave you now, but remember me and my words.”
            Abbie, Matthias, and Bethany watched as the Prince of Peace turned and walked out of the garden. The Great King’s long-ago promise to provide a way back to himself had been fulfilled at last, and a new promise had been set in place. They would wait patiently for the fulfillment of the promise; wait patiently to see their Prince once more.

Well? What did you think? Please comment and let me know!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Soft Rose

Hello, everyone! I'm back again, with some more of my photography! Here's today's picture:

I took this picture at Hershey Gardens in Hershey, PA. I entered it in a Macro and Close Up contest, but I don't believe it won anything. What do you think of it? Please comment and let me know!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tests and Tales

Hello, everyone! It’s finally Friday, and that means it’s time for an update on my life!

·        Last Friday, I went to a sleepover at my friend’s house. This sleepover, which lasted until the next evening, was very fun. Favorite things included watching three awesome movies: Night at the Museum Two: Battle of the Smithsonian, Pendragon, and The Princess Bride (the last two are two new favorites), and going to the park to play tennis with one of my friends and her parents. (The other friend was there as well, but didn’t play.) My only regret? That it didn’t last longer.
·        Tests, tests, tests! That’s what I’ve been having a lot of in my schoolwork: practice for the Standardized Tests, which I’m taking next week (an advantage of being homeschooled), my last two math tests (hurrah!), a writing/grammar test, and a literature test or two. The good thing about all these tests? When a lot of tests come your way at once, you know that school is almost over.
·        My stories are going ok. I managed to get some work done, including a character building scene between one of my main characters and another character, in which I reveal a fact about the main character in question which is essential to the story. I have also gotten a sudden idea for a (hopefully) short story, which I may attempt to write as well, if my current story continues to go well.
·        I have finally gotten plenty of new books to read! I finished Black on Sunday or Monday, and will be posting a review of it soon. I also got The Thirteen Clocks by James Thurber out from the library yesterday, a book I have been looking forward to for some time. In fact, I read it as soon as we returned home, and I very much enjoyed it. I will be posting a review on this book as well.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by!