Friday, February 14, 2014

Random Friday: Valentine's Day Book Covers
Hey'a, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! This week's theme is Book Covers Featuring Love or the Color Red, which I obviously paraphrased into 'Valentine's Day Book Covers' for the title of this post. This could be a bit of a tricky post, considering my usual taste in books, but I'll certainly try my best.

We'll start with the obvious: the Lunar Chronicles.
I just read Cress fairly recently, and loved it! It's definitely the best yet in the series, and Cress, Cinder, and Thorne are officially my favorite characters. Of course, I might be slightly biased, since Cress is somewhat similar to me in personality. Anyway, getting back to the book covers, I think Cress is also my favorite cover, though Scarlet is a close second.

Moving on . . .
I love this cover; it's probably my favorite of the Twelve Dancing Princesses trilogy. I also love Petunia's cloak. It's so pretty!
Look! I actually found a cover with a couple on it! I like how Dasha is looking all serious and regal, while Razo's just looking at her. It definitely shows their personalities!

And I'm out of covers that really fit the category. (Yes, I could possibly include Eldest because it's red, but 1)that book drives me crazy, and 2)I don't think it fits in a Valentine's Day post.) Oh well. Can you think of any covers I missed? What's your favorite of the covers I chose?

Thanks for reading!
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)   
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  1. Nice choices!

    There's a series I plan on reading by C.S. Marks set in a very Tolkienesque world. One novella that I haven't read yet but plan to is a bittersweet love story called Falling Embers. The cover is both red and romantic. As far as I've heard the writing is classy and clean, but I have yet to read it and confirm this.

  2. Actually, it's called Fallen Embers, and it's only red in its kindle edition. Kind of red orange.

    1. Ooh. Cool. I'll have to look into the series! Will you post a review or something once you've read some of the books in it?

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Well, I read Fallen Embers, which was sad but sweet. Here's the review on Goodreads.

      Then I eagerly began the first book Elfhunter, which I was LOVING, but about halfway through I was surprised by an awkward and inappropriate scene that made me stop the book for good in concern that it could get worse. So bummer. Here's my review of it anyway.

    3. Thanks! And aw. :( I always hate it when stuff like that happens . . .
      Thanks for linking me to your reviews!

    4. I know, right? SOOO frustrating.


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