Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Fridays: Childhood Memories
Hullo, all! This week's Random Fridays is about childhood memories. Obviously, there's a lot of places I could go with this, but I thought that I'd use the theme to highlight some of the things I loved when I was a kid.

The Books:
The Three Cousins' Detective Club series
These used to be some of my Favorite Books in the World. I owned all but one of the books in the series, and I have no clue how many times I read them, but it was a lot. I remember especially liking the Honeybees' Secret one and The Mystery of the Hobo's Message.
The Magic Tree House series
Yeah. I'm pretty sure most kids read these at some point. My favorites were the Merlin Missions. (I'm sure that comes as no surprise to anyone reading this.) These books were also what originally made me interested in the King Arthur legends, which I still love today.

This used to be my favorite classic book. I first read it as part of collection of books: Pocahontas, an abridged Little Women, Pollyanna, and Heidi. Of those four, Little Women is now my favorite, but I probably read Heidi more times. I haven't read it in a long time; I should probably pick it up again at some point.

 The Movies/Videos
Admittedly, I still do like VeggieTales- at least the ones from before they started going downhill. However, since I've watched them for as long as I can remember (and I mean that quite literally), I had to include them. I have no idea which one I liked best, since it changed a lot, but I've probably watched most of them several dozen times . . . And, of course, I've nearly memorized a lot of the Silly Songs.

The Barbie Princess Movies
By that, I don't mean just The Princess and the Pauper, though I did like that movie. I'm talking about all the Barbie remakes of famous stories (plus Magic of Pegasus and Diamond Castle, both of which my little sister liked more than I did). I remember especially liking Swan Lake and Princess and the Pauper- until Three Musketeers came out just before I started growing out of Barbie movies. Then that one became my favorite, mostly because it involved females with swords and such. Go figure.

The Land Before Time
VeggieTales, Barbie movies, and The Land Before Time videos: all of these I watched almost obsessively at one time or another. Though, with the Land Before Time videos, I didn't really like the first video, the one the most people probably know about. I preferred the sequels (up to number seven; anything beyond that we had to get from the library), mostly because I thought the first one was kind of scary. I also recall that I loved Cera because, hey, her name sounds just like mine!

Did you love any of these when you were a kid? What were some of your favorite books, movies, or anything else? Please tell me in the comments or make your own Random Fridays post!
Thanks for reading!
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)

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  1. Veggie Tales, The Princess and the Pauper, and Land Before Time. Wonderful memories of mine!

  2. Other people watched Land Before Time?? :O I AM NOT ALONE ANYMORE!!! I watched those almost 24/7 as a kid....

    1. Nope, not alone. Looking at the comments, it looks like a lot of people watched them. O_o Did you prefer the original or the sequels?

  3. THE LAND BEFORE TIME!!! I love those movies. :) I grew up on Barbie and Veggie Tales, too. And I still enjoy Veggie Tales.


    1. Cool! And yes, Veggie Tales is awesome. Mostly.

  4. The Land Before Time! :D I used to love those, especially Journey Through the Mists and Big Water. They were the greatest movies. I remember that whenever my family went to the mountains and I saw a leaf shaped like a star, I would call it a 'tree-star' and take a few home for my Little Foot plush animal. XD

    1. Journey Through the Mists! That or Mysterious Island was probably my favorite too! And that is awesome. I had a Little Foot plush too, though I never went so far as to bring leaves home to it.

  5. Veggie Tales, Barbie Movies, and The Land Before Time! LBT was possibly my absolute favorite movie when I was a child, and is still very high in my opinions. I never cared for the sequels, because somehow they weren't as deep or thoughtful as the first one.

    Surprisingly, I never read the Magic Tree House books. I read one of the Magic School Bus books, but other than that, it was mostly other series.

    1. Hmm, I guess that is true. I'm not sure I really cared how deep they were, though. Like I said, I thought the first one was scary.

      Really? Interesting. I really liked both Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus. Those and the Boxcar Children books. (Knew I forgot something!)

  6. Oh! And Heidi! I loved that book too. :D


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