Friday, December 12, 2014

Shelfies to Share

Back in November, the lovely Katie Grace tagged me with the Shelfie Tag. I'd seen the tag floating around the internet for a while, and thought it looked really fun, so getting to it for myself was pretty exciting. I haven't been able to get around to it for a while because of NaNoWriMo and Christmas preparations, but I finally have the shelfies to share with y'all!

I'll start with the bottom two shelves of my larger bookshelf. This is where I keep all my classic books, other than LOTR.

The next shelf up contains more variety in terms of genre than the entirety of my other bookshelf.
From left to right, we have: biographies, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and a few how-to books. (Also, yes, I have The Dangerous Book for Boys despite having only girls in the house other than my dad. It was a dollar and looked like it could be useful for story research.)

The top two shelves of this case also contain a conglomeration, though with less variety of genre.
On the top we have fairytale retellings and similar, as well as three Ranger's Apprentice books that wouldn't fit on the shelf below. The second shelf contains dystopian and/or sci-fi books and most of the Ranger's Apprentice series.

Now we move on to my other (smaller) bookshelf, which is devoted exclusively to one genre. I'm sure you can guess which genre it is.
Bryan Davis is the only author whose books get a shelf all to themselves, mostly by virtue of his having written more books than any other author I read other than Brian Jacques, whose books occupy the next shelf down. The Inheritance Cycle books also reside on this shelf, since I know I won't be getting any more Jacques. I own almost all of his books, and most of those I don't own, my sister does Also, fun fact: the only one of the books on the lower shelf that I bought new was Redwall, which is almost hidden behind Mattimeo. The rest? Library book sales (aka the best place ever to find cheap books, at least in popular series).

This is the top two shelves of the smaller bookcase. The upper contains mostly Tolkien and Batson, with a few other authors. (The empty space is where Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers should go, but my sister is currently borrowing those books.) The lower shelf contains various Christian fantasy.

Finally, my desk has two shelves, which are partially occupied by books and partially taken up by miscellaneous other items.
The right side of my desk contains photo albums, devotionals, and two Bibles on the top section, which is usually guarded by my Gandalf and Bilbo Christmas ornaments. (They're too awesome to put in boxes all year. After this Christmas ends, Thorin will join them.) Below them are some of my notebooks and folders and such. All those black notebooks have already been filled- they're the first drafts of my fairy tale retellings and the third and fourth Berstru Tales. The rest are still waiting to be used.

And finally, my favorite section of shelves, despite the fact that it's the smallest:
Goldstone Wood and Brandon Sanderson. I'd put Tolkien here too and have all my favorites together, but I didn't want to run out of room. I predict that one day, this section will have taken over the entire top shelf of my desk- and except for the fact that I'd then have to find somewhere else to put the other books, I look forward to that time.

I hope you all enjoyed that little tour of my shelves! Now it's time for me to nominate others for the Shelfie Tag. I choose:
Charlotte of Winding Passages
Jag Swiftstorm of From a Jagged Inkwell
And if you're reading this, haven't already done the tag, and want to participate, feel free to do so! I'd love to see your shelves!

Thanks for reading!
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)  


  1. Booooookkkkssss. I'd say more, but I just had a long 8 hour drive to get home so my brain is pretty dead.

    1. Haha, I certainly get that. Glad you liked seeing my shelves!

  2. Yippee! I adore shelfies. And such beautiful shelves! I can't help but notice you have two copies of Dragonwitch... Is there a story there? : )

    1. Thank you very much! And yes, there is a story! Remember how, when Dragonwitch came out, there was that big blog tour? And there were giveaways at almost every stop? Well, I entered pretty much every giveaway I could, but I didn't think I'd win anything (since all I really did was comment and follow a few of the blogs), so I went ahead and ordered a copy from B&N. Then, about a week after I ordered the book, I got an email that I'd won a copy of Dragonwitch. Cool, I thought, and planned to either return the copy I'd bought or give it to a friend. Then I found out that I'd won two more copies- signed ones this time. In the end, I returned the copy I bought and gave one of the signed copies to a friend (the one who told me about Goldstone Wood in the first place). However, I still had an extra copy, which I didn't know what to do with, and still don't. So, there it sits, waiting. Hopefully, I'll find someone to give it to at some point, and if I don't, at least I have a spare in case something happens to MY copy.
      Thanks for reading!

  3. What a beautiful shelfie!
    If it's not too much trouble, may I borrow your GoldenDaughter?

    1. Danke!
      Haha, only if I can hand it to you in person.

  4. Do you mind if I come over and read all the books?


  5. Mmm. Lots of these books I've read. Donita K. Paul's two dragons series; Viking Quest; The Charlatan's Boy…most of them, I think, and I'm reading our church library copies of Frank Peretti's series with Dr. Cooper, Jay, and Lila. I recently finished The Tombs of Anak.
    But I have read none of the books on your favourite section of shelves.

    Oh, and I saw one of the Lunar Chronicles books at the library and immediately thought of you, which reminded me of Mistborn, but the library I was at doesn't have the Mistborn books. However, another library in the area does have them, and hopefully they'll come to our library soon with the system we have in this NZ district.

    Out of curiosity, where's To Darkness Fled? Books 1 and 3 of the Blood of Kings series are there, but not 2.

    1. Oh wait. I just read your comment on the latest GTW giveaway post. Consider that third question annulled. XD

    2. You read Viking Quest? Huh; I haven't found a lot of people who've read those. I should reread them sometime . . . and you've said you want to read Mistborn and Goldstone Wood, so that's all right.

      I hope you can get your hands on Mistborn! And the fact that you thought of me makes me grin. :)

    3. I've read Viking Quest! I loved those books so much. I finished all five of them in three days. :D
      I really want to read the Tales of Goldstone Wood, but my library doesn't have them. I'll have to request them. :)

      I answered your Best Blogging Buddies tag! It was a lot of fun.

    4. Cool!
      I hope you can get your hands on them!

      Thanks! I just read your answers- they were great!


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