Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Gift From a Friend

So I fully intended for my next post to be either serious or a tag post . . . but I've got something I just have to share. Recently, a friend of mine, Lalaithiel, started making collages and agreed to make me two for some of my characters. She sent me the finished product a day or two ago and they're just beautiful, as you'll see in a minute.

 This first one is for Lianna, my brainkeeper/muse. (If you want to know what a brainkeeper is, the short answer is that they're kind of like the emotions in Inside Out, but for ideas and such instead of feelings, and the long answer can be found here. They're kind of an inside thing with The Potter School forums.) Anyway. I love how this collage fits Lianna, with all the books and the one picture at the top of the girl in the library (my personal image of a brainkeeper is a librarian in your mind) and the arrangement, and how it (in my opinion) captures her association with books and notebooks and also clipboards (because she's a disordered-sort-of-organized person) and her "No project's too big; let's DO THE THING!" attitude.

 This second one- my favorite of the two- is for Kaitlyn, my main character of Between Two Worlds. I love pretty much everything about this collage- the pictures and the colors and the arrangement and the quotes Lalaithiel picked (I gave her some suggested quotes, mostly from my story but also the one in the bottom left which is from Golden Daughter and has considerable significance in the story) and just everything. There's the "I am no Shadowwalker" quote on the dark forest, which is insanely appropriate for Spoilery Reasons, and the eye (which, for some reason, reminds me of Kaitlyn's longing for Aralan or at least to belong somewhere) and the one picture with the sparkly lights, and also the one at the very bottom with the holding hands because Aedon and Katelyn are pretty much my favorite couple I've ever written. I fangirl over them, no joke. And I'm also fangirling over these collages, because they're just so pretty and awesome and Lalaithiel is amazing, ok? And not just for her collages, for her poetry and writing and her personality and her friendship.
Anyway, I hope you liked seeing these. If you did, please leave some love for Lalaithiel in the comments!
Thanks for reading!
 -Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)  


  1. They're gorgeous! Great job, Sarah and Lalaithiel! : D

  2. Oh my gosh, they're so pretty and cool, and now I want to know more about the characters! ^.^
    *heads off to explore labels and links*

    1. You won't find much about Lianna on the blogs or such . . . but I posted snippets about Kaitlyn back in February.


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