Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

Earlier this week, Emmarayn Redding of Writing in Rivendell tagged me with the Sisterhood of World Bloggers award. Danke, Emmarayn! This seems to be one of those awesome awards that's all questions to answer, so let's get started!

1.  If you were tossed into a fictional world, which genre would you want it to be?  (In other words, which would you have the best chance at surviving?)
Ooh. This is a fun question. My first choice would be fantasy, naturally- something like Narnia or Middle Earth or the world of Goldstone Wood. However, depending on the world and the location within the world, my likelihood of survival might not be too high- by which I mean, if I'm more than a day or two's walk from some kind of civilization or at least other people or if I run into some kind of monster/enemy who wants me dead, I'm probably going to die. However, if there's other people around (whether friend, neutral, or enemy-who-doesn't-want-me-dead), I like to think I could survive by sheer genre-savviness.

2.  If you could take three people with you to that world, who would you take?
My sister (because she'd be furious if I knowingly went to another world and left her behind), my dad, and . . . either my mom or one of my friends who love fantasy. 

3.  If a stranger broke into your house, but didn't see you immediately, what would you do?  (Assuming you didn't have a phone within arm's reach.)
Duck down and stay very quiet and still and pray very hard. Then, once he'd moved off a little, I'd grab a phone, call 911, and then . . . not sure. Probably look for either better hiding spot or a weapon or both.

4.  What would be the ideal way to meet your future husband, in your opinion?
Stumbling into another world, ending up on an adventure, and having him as a comrade on said adventure. (Hey, you said ideal, not realistic . . .) On a slightly more realistic ideal . . . probably in a situation where I make a reference, he not only recognizes but responds appropriately, and we proceed to have a conversation in references to that fandom . . . or something else equally geeky.

5.  If there's one character from a book/movie you would never want to find sitting in your living room, who would it be?  (Leaving out the ones that are too big or abstract to sit in your living room- i.e. Sauron...)
Probably the Witch King. Or any Nazgul, really.

6.  Is there is one character from a book/movie you would want to find sitting in your living room, who would it be?
. . . I have to pick just one? There are about three hundred and five characters who I'd love to find in my living room/backyard/etc. Though not all at the same time . . . right now, though, I'm doing with Dame Imraldera from The Tales of Goldstone Wood

7.  If you could live one day of your life in the style of a television show, what genre would you pick?  (Sitcom, comedy, romance, crime drama, etc)

Oooh. Um. That's a hard one, since I don't watch TV . . . is contemporary fantasy/sci-fi an option? 'Cause I could live with my life turning fantasy/sci-fi for a day. Otherwise . . . um. Mystery/detective, probably. (Is that a genre? Or is it all just crime drama?)  

8.  What character role would you take in the "episode?"
In contemporary fantasy/sci-fi, I'd want to be one of the protagonists, with my sister as the other protagonist. In a mystery/detective show, though, I'd be the sidekick and assistant- the Abigail Rook to the series' R.F. Jackaby. (Or, in other words, the Watson to the show's Sherlock.) 

9.  If someone were to compose a soundtrack for your life, who would you want it to be?
Either Harry Gregson-Williams or Howard Shore. 

10.  Can you give us some examples of their work?
Definitely. Harry Gregson Williams:
Howard Shore:

And now for my questions for other people!
  1. I love this question, so I'm stealing it from Emmarayn: if you were tossed into a fictional world, which genre would you want it to be?  (In other words, which would you have the best chance at surviving?)
  2. After arriving in that world, what would you do first? 
  3. You have an adventure in that other world and now have the choice of whether to stay there with the friends you've made or to return home to your family and former life. What do you decide?
  4. Changing the subject: what's your favorite Christmas song?
  5. Your favorite Christmas movie?
  6.  If you were a superhero, what would your superpower(s) and code name be?
  7. Also, who would your arch-nemesis be? (Name, powers, etc.)
  8. What villain would you most want to show up on your doorstep (if one had to show up there)? How would you react to said villain?
  9. What good guy (from one of your favorite books/series) would you least want to show up on your doorstep? Again, how would you react to him/her?
  10. How long did it take you to answer these questions?
 One thing remains . . . to tag people! I shall tag three others, as three is a nice number.
 Ryebrynn of Ryebrynn's Random Ramblings
Katie Grace of A Writer's Faith
Deborah O'Carroll of The Road of a Writer 

Thanks for reading!
 -Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)


  1. Ahh, love this post! Very interesting questions, and I love your answers. :D

    Ooh, I would like Eliot from Leverage to show up in my living room! XD
    I NEED TO READ JACKABYYYY. Crime/mystery/whatever shows are the funnest! :D
    And Howard Shore's music is the best. Just. YES. <3

    ...Wow, those questions look really awesome and reaaaally hard to answer. XD Thanks so much for tagging me! ^_^

    1. Danke!

      I haven't seen Leverage, so . . . tell me about Eliot?
      YES YOU DO NEED TO READ JACKABY! I haven't actually seen any, but I like mystery books (I used to want to be a detective), so.
      Absolutely yes. :D

      You're welcome! I look forward to seeing your answers!

    2. ELIOT! Here he is: Okay, so Eliot is possibly my favorite character I've met this year. Leverage is about a team of con-artists who only con nasty/rich people (much like the BBC show Hustle) so they're basically like modern Robin Hoods who help the oppressed. There are five of them: the mastermind, the grifter, the thief, the hacker, and then Eliot, who's the fighter. He has awesome fighting skills, almost like a ninja or something, and he like NEVER loses a fight and he's tough and amusing (sometimes he just says the FUNNIEST things, like this: and he's always kinda serious though so it just makes it more hilarious) and I just love him. Also he has oodles of other skills, like he's a gourmet chef and loves cooking food and he can sing and he's got all these hidden talents! Because you think of the "muscle" person as just being good for fighting, but he's not, he has hidden depths. And he's got the absolute best "buddy-movie" sort of relationship with the hacker guy and they annoy each other to death but deep down are friends, and Eliot looks after the entire group and it's adorable and alksdjflskdjf I just love him a lot. He's got this whole sort of "tough guy" exterior, but you can tell that underneath he's a really caring fellow who loves the team and will do anything to look after them and likes to help out the oppressed and little kids and stuff. I feel like if I needed a body-guard I'd pick him; he always wins his fights, you can always depend on him, and if he's around you just feel like everything will be okay and all the characters are safe because Eliot will take care of it, and I just... aaahh I want him as a friend and he's awesome! Also, I had him as my desktop background telling me to write all November. :D (Hardison is the name of the hacker, and I'm throwing around possssibly naming my laptop that...) And he's played by a fabulous actor, Christian Kane, who I'd seen before in something else but he'd been a borderline almost-bad-sometimes-good character who I couldn't one-hundred-percent LIKE if you know what I mean, even though his acting was superb and I kinda liked him, so it was so cool to see him in this as a good guy! :) So yes! That is Eliot, but he's really hard to describe too, so... I dunno. :P

      ...Ahem. Sorry for the rambling. >.> You should never invite me to tell you about my obsessions--I will fangirl the day away. XD

      *flails* Jackaby is at the library that I never go to anymore! I need to come up with some excuse for us to go there just so I can get it... *begins scheming*

      Mysteriiiiies! :D They are fun, and I want to read a bunch more soon... Do you prefer novel-sized mysteries or short stories? Because I think my favorites are short stories, because there's usually just enough length to keep me interested, and novels sometimes seem to reveal the mystery too slowly for my short attention span. XD I plan to reread the Father Brown stories (have you read them?? They're FABULOUS!) and all the Holmeses come the new year. :D

    3. I think you should get an award for longest comment ever posted on my blog. Which is awesome. I love fangirling myself, but I love seeing other people fangirl even more. And Eliot sounds like a character very worthy of fangirling over. :D

      What about "Hey, there's this book I REEEEEEAAAALLLLLY want to read and I promised my friend I'd read and it's at this library over here. Any chance we could go?" (Works best if you're in the area already . . .)

      I like both- I don't know if I have a favorite length. I haven't read the Father Brown series, but they're on my TBR list- they're by G.K. Chesterton, right? Or am I thinking of something else?

    4. Haha! Yeeeahh... XD Whoops. :P But yay for fangirling!

      And the problem is we just hardly ever have a reason to go to that town anymore, so... yeah. :P BUT I WILL SOMEDAY AND READ IT! And I'm sure you'll hear very loudly about it when I do. XD

      YES, Chesterton! I just adore the Father Brown stories and hope you'll enjoy 'em when you get to it! :)

    5. Ahhh. Does your library have the option for you to request books from other branches? Most of the libraries I've been to do.

      I'm sure I'll very much enjoy them. :D

    6. I may have to look into that, yes... I just have never bothered...

    7. (And I tagged you on my blog. :D

  2. I would definitely want Howard Shore, no question!! :)

  3. Ahh, so hard to answer these questions! :D Hmm, I wonder if I can take the questions and turn them into a writing exercise game for me and my sibs...*plots*

    The superhero one got me going because my siblings and I have of late been watching a surplus of Marvel cartoons.
    I'd have a tragic backstory, which I am both proud of, and would also never want to actually happen to me. Lady Dragon, the result of an experiment, with the ability to change into a dragon (who is also a separate entity, like the Hulk), and kidnapped daughter of a lead good guy scientist. XD

    Your third question made me think of this song. :P

    1. I bet you could and you absolutely should and then you should tell me how it turns out.

      Ooh. Sounds like a pretty cool backstory (if, yes, sad).

      Huh. The last question was actually inspired by the premise of one of my own novels, but that song fits really well.

  4. that first answer to number four is just the best!
    I can picture it now: 'So, how did you two meet?' 'well, it's a long story'

    I also love your twists on questions eight and nine.

  5. Thanks for the tag! ^.^ I'll have to see if I do it or not, but I appreciate the thought! :D

    Okay, question I've been wanting to ask for awhile. So you run two blogs, a Wordpress one and Blogger one. May I ask why? And which one you like better? (Like which platform is better.)
    And which one would you prefer me to comment on?

    1. You're welcome! It's fine if you don't have time- or if you have to wait a while before doing it.

      Oho, you've noticed my secret double life? xD I wish there was an exciting answer to that question, but it's really pretty simple: I got this blog four years ago, though until 2013 it was private to friends and family. Also in 2013, I took a creative writing class through The Potter's School, and one of the assignment was to make and maintain a blog for the length of the class. The teacher would've let me use this blog, but since the rest of the class was using Wordpress, I opted to make a second one for the class. Then I just kept doing them both because . . . well, because it amused me, and I saw no real reason not to. I already had different communities developing on each blog, and I didn't particularly want to try to push them together.

      As to which one I like better: I like them about the same. Blogger allows you more freedom to play with the look of your blog, and I like its posting interface a little bit more. However, I like Wordpress's comments method and its media options better, and it's also easier to make Wordpress look very clean and professional. So, there's not one I recommend over the other; it just depends what you want out of them.

      As to which one I prefer you to comment on . . . again, there isn't one. Comment on whichever is more convenient. When there's posts that I only do on one blog, comment on that blog, obviously. Otherwise? Whichever blog you happen to see first is fine.

    2. Gotcha. I admire you for running two blogs. :P Yeesh, that'd be a lot of work. . .

    3. It's easier when I can reuse posts on one or another. But yes, it is tough at times. :P


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