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Lady Dragon, Tela Du Blog Tour: Interview With Petra

Hello, everyone! Some of you may remember that last year I participated in a blog tour for Kendra E. Ardnek's Water Princess, Fire Prince, an inventive new addition to the portal fantasy genre which I really enjoyed. Now the sequel, Lady Dragon, Tela Du is out, and I'm very excited to help celebrate its release with another blog tour- particularly because, as good as Water Princess, Fire Prince was, Lady Dragon, Tela Du far surpasses it in every way. You'll hear more on that when I post my review in a few days. Today, however, I get to interview Petra, who happens to be one of my favorite Rizkaland characters ever.
1. Welcome to the blog, Petra! To start off, can you tell my readers a little about yourself? Who you are, what you do, your favorite hobbies, tea or coffee, anything else you want to tell us?
Hello, I'm Petra Arden. I'm homeschooled and about to graduate from high school, and actually only have a semester left of college left before I get my business degree. I received my English degree last spring. My hobbies include finding weirder facts that Reuben can find, watching BBC television to keep my British accent intact, and keeping Reuben from doing anything too insane. I'll take tea, thank you.

2. What was the best part of your time in Rizkaland? The hardest?
I'm afraid that I cannot tell you the best part, because Kendra has me on strict orders to not give away spoilers. The hardest part was the first few days when I was suddenly thrust into another world and hadn't been given any sort of warning, and suddenly people were expecting me to fight a dragon and become a queen. And then Reuben....

3. Yes, Reuben- tell us about him! I know you've known each other basically forever; what's your first memory with him? Your favorite thing about him?
His mother brought him to the hospital the day I was born. Yes, we've known each other forever. As far as a first memory goes, I don't have any one in particular, because he was always just there. He's about eighteen months older than me, and by the time he was two, he was escaping his house and finding his way to my house - he lives across the street from me - just so he could play with me. According to my mom, he taught me how to walk and talk. My favorite thing about him? The fact he was always there. Somedays I honestly wonder why I put up with the guy, but ... it's comfortable to have him there. Even as random and sporadic as he can be, he's a constant that I can predict. Also, he practically worships the ground I walk on, and while it can be disconcerting, it's also kinda nice.

4. How well do you know Clara, Andrew, Kath, and Rich outside of Rizkaland? How surprised were you to find out their role in Rizkaland and Klarand?
I met Andrew once, years ago, before the car accident where he lost his mother. I don't know the other three outside of Christmas cards. Therefore, I didn't know any of them well enough to have been surprised.

5. What's the biggest way that your time in Rizkaland has changed you and the way you look at life?
I think it's given me confidence. Confidence that I can take on the world. Confidence that Reuben and I will work as a couple. Confidence that I can handle change and surprises.

6. That's wonderful. Now, time for a more fun question: if you could time-travel to any three times and places in either Earth or Rizkan history, where and when would you go?

Rizkan history is well documented, so I'm more interested in Earth's history. I'd like to visit the preflood world - or just past the preflood world so I could talk with Noah or one of his sons about the preflood world. I'd like to visit England when they were building Stonehenge so I can find out how and why it was built. And, I know you said three places, but I'd also like to visit the seven ancient wonders of the world back when all of them existed in all of their glory. Basically, I'd like to see the things that aren't well recorded.

7. Finally . . . if you could go back and change the past so that Sylvia and Sarah never disappeared, would you do that?
There is a very large part of me that would ... but when it comes down to it ... it would have changed everything. Reuben and I might not even be the friends we are now, so, much as I hate that they disappeared, I choose to be content with my life.
About Lady Dragon, Tela Du:
Two girls with one face
Two girls with twisted fate
One in purple, one in red
One shall speak the other’s death
Who shall win their final war?
Lady Dragon or Tela Du?

Amber, the Lady Dragon, has been promised a fifty-year reign over Rizkaland and nothing can stop her from claiming it. But when you've lived six thousand years, fifty is such a pitiful number. Only one person can keep her from making this reign permanent - the Tela Du, a girl who shall share Amber's face.

The last thing Petra wants is a magical world interrupting her plans for a normal life, let alone an ultimate battle against the Lady Dragon with only one prophesied survivor. She has her childhood best friend, Reuben, at her side, but she's not sure if he's more of a help or a hindrance right now. Though she'd much prefer to just return home and forget about this whole crazy affair, things change when she discovers that the world has surprising connections to her own family - including her sister who disappeared without a trace two years before. Still, Rizkaland can't possibly expect her to risk her very life, can it?

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About the Author:
Kendra E. Ardnek is a homeschool graduate who picked up a pen at an early age and never put it down. The eldest of four, she makes her home in the Piney Woods of East Texas with her parents, younger siblings, giant herd of giraffes, and honor guard of nutcrackers.  
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Haven't read Water Princess, Fire Princess yet?
No problem! It's free on Kindle until the 23rd; I definitely recommend picking up a copy. It's a fun read- and, hey, who says no to free books?
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  1. Petra and Reuben. 😊 Reuben's such a sweet puppy dog. I love their relationship. I'd love to time travel to before the Flood too. It'd be so cool.

    1. I knowwwwwww. Reutra is utterly adorable. And pre-Flood would be cool.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Interesting questions! I'm glad to know Petra is content. And that Reuben question... beat it find out more about the beginnings of their friendship.

    1. Glad you liked my questions- and learning more about that was fun, wasn't it?
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Sure was! And you're welcome.

      (I meant "Neat to find out more about the beginnings of their friendship." Auto-correct is not helpful sometimes.) :)

    3. (Heh. I guessed you meant something like that. And I know exactly what you mean; yesterday autocorrect changed "allo" to "allowed," which is not a very good greeting.)

  3. I especially like the answers to the first question. I didn't how highly educated Petra was, though it doesn't surprise me.
    And those hobbies. Two of them have to do with Reuben.
    And I like how she ends it with the tea comment.

    1. I was pretty surprised by that too. Though I guess I shouldn't be- Petra is pretty smart, and when she wants something, she goes after it.
      Heh. Yep. Not at all surprised by that . . . or the tea thing.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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