Friday, November 10, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017 Day 10!


Wordcount: 13,645
Words Written Today: 1,849
Hours of Writing Today: 1.02
Writing Music Obsession: My Anime/Asian Playlist
“And what good does it do for him to notice a goose girl?” Baili clutched her staff, almost— almost— wishing to whack the other girl over the head. “In my current state, I am nothing to him, just as you keep pointing out all of us animal keepers are to the nobility!”

“Maybe so. But you are the fairest nothing in the land, and that will count for something. At the very least, his highness may begin to wonder why a goose girl is lovelier than his loveliest of brides.”
I am very, very surprised by how well NaNoWriMo is going. I worried that I'd have trouble fitting in a solid hour of writing per day, but I've actually had several days when I've gone significantly over an hour. My wordcounts are building up equally well; I have 17.5K words edited and so I'm over halfway done. Not as close to being fully done as I might have been had I stuck closer to the required wordcount for the contest, but oh well . . . At the moment, I'm not stressing too much about trying to cut down wordcount or rework the plot to make it shorter. I'm just trying to get down a more polished version of what I originally wrote (although there is one scene that I'm 99% sure I won't type out, at least not in the main document, because I knew I was going to cut it before I even wrote it). Then, once that's done, I'll go though and cut and rearrange and make every word justify its existence.

In terms of the story itself, everything's going magnificently. I finally brought in the prince (and remembered that I really need to try to get him in earlier when I do my second round of edits), and then two of my characters had a massive row. It was very fun for me to write, since it essentially signals that Baili has reached her snapping point, when she's done with just enduring and ready to fight for what's hers. Plus, it was very cathartic for the characters involved, especially since one of them has been carrying around a lot of bitterness for a very long time and this is where she really starts to heal from that.

We'll see if I can keep this pace up for the rest of the month. I have to start work on final projects pretty soon, which will take up a lot of time. On the other hand, one of my classes is essentially canceled for the next week, which gives me a fair bit of extra time to work on that class's final paper, and I have Thanksgiving break the week after that (yay!). Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to it.

If you're doing NaNoWriMo, how's it going for you? If not, how's school treating you? Also, how do you feel about writing character conflict? Please tell me in the comments!
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 -Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)


  1. I love writing arguments between my characters - it's great fun, helps me get inside my characters' heads, and gets me a higher word count because the emotion helps the words flow xD

    You're editing for NaNo, are you? I hope study and writing manage to balance out for you! :) (Is your WIP a Goose Girl retelling? or partly one?)
    - Jem Jones

    1. Definitely. Of course, the only issue is when you don't want a huge word count . . . oh well.

      Yes, I am, and thank you! (And yes, it's a blend of The Goose Girl and Snow White.)

    2. That's cool! I've always been intrigued by The Goose Girl (maybe because it doesn't make any sense in its original form??) I've tried searching through your old posts, but I can't see anything about Blood in the Snow - so I'd love to read more about it, if you felt like it :)

    3. It's a great fairy tale. :) I think it makes slightly more sense than some fairy tales I've read? But yeah, there are pretty big plot holes.

      I've mentioned Blood in the Snow a couple times, but not a lot, since I just wrote it this summer. I have some snippets in this post, if you scroll down to the bottom:

      I hope to do a Beautiful Books post about Blood in the Snow as well sometime, but we'll see if that works out.

    4. I somehow missed that post when I was searching! Thanks for linking it :) I love how you're twisting the elements of the different fairy tales together!

    5. It's fine. The writing is kind of buried under everything else. And thank you very much!


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