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Beautiful Persons: Valentine's Day 2018

Ok, so technically, this isn't a real Beautiful People post because Cait isn't doing Beautiful People anymore. I'm not sure when or why she stopped, but yeah. However, for the last two years, I've used the Couples Edition question set for a Valentine's Day–themed post, and I didn't want to give up the tradition. So, I've pulled questions from all three Couples sets to create my own Beautiful Persons interview! Today, I'll be interviewing Xiang and Baili from Blood in the Snow, mostly because getting into their headspace is currently really easy. As things turned out, writing their responses was also super fun because I've never had the chance before to write about them when they aren't stressed and on guard and so on. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

To start off, how long have you been a couple?
Xiang: I believe that depends how you define a couple. We were betrothed when we were fairly young, but we did not meet and fall in love until much later.

Of course. So, how and why did you meet?
Xiang: If I recall correctly, we met on the riverbank by the goose pastures because one of Baili's companions pushed her into the river and I happened to be walking nearby.
Baili: *blushes* I don't believe it was quite like that . . .
Xiang: But that did happen, did it not?
Baili: Well, yes, but we'd known of each other before then. We were betrothed, after all, even if that was our first real meeting.

Well then. What were your first impressions of each other?
Xiang: That, even soaked, in rough robes, and very flustered, she was every bit as beautiful as she was said to be.
Baili: Xiang!
Xiang: *innocently* The Zuòjia asked, Baili-qīn. Would you have me answer untruthfully?
Baili: No— I just— *gives up* I thought he was very kind to help someone who surely seemed to be the lowest of his servants.

Indeed. And now that you've had much more time to interact, how committed/loyal are you to each other?
Xiang: Very. I would have gladly searched to the furthest reaches of the realm to find my lovely bride.
Baili: As he said, but . . . Our match was political first, even though it turned to love. To be unfaithful would have consequences reaching far beyond just our personal relationship. So, our love is in many ways how we remain committed, not merely why.

I see. So, how would you prove your love for each other? Would you die for each other?
Baili: Yes. Absolutely, yes.
Xiang: Baili speaks for both of us. As for how we prove our love, spending time with one another is part of it. In our culture, emperors who barely see their wives are very common. But we're both committed to sharing our lives as much as possible.
Baili: *nods* For us, it truly is the smallest things that mean the most.

They often are. So, is there something you emphatically disagree on?
Xiang: Thus far, we have had few major disagreements, merely instances in which one of us felt strongly about a matter and the other was indifferent. We both pray that will continue.

So do we all. Now, fun question! List 5 “food quirks” you know about each other.
Baili: Xiang has a special fondness for exotic fruit, more than anyone else I have met.
Xiang: I believe Baili enjoys it nearly as much as I do. However, she no longer eats apples, ever since a certain turn of events that I believe I am forbidden from going into detail on.

Oh, yes, you definitely are. But go on.
Baili: Xiang doesn't seem to care for fish or seafood, which I find odd.
Xiang: No doubt, Baili-qīn, I would like it as much as you do if I had grown up as near the sea as you did. I do not think there is anyone in my father's court who enjoys such dishes as much as you do.
Baili: They do remind me of home, yes.
Xiang: Is that four quirks or just three that we're up to?
Baili: Four, I believe. Can you think of any other?
Xiang: No, unfortunately. Zuòjia, perhaps we can move on?

Of course. Next question: Are you ever embarrassed of each other?
Baili: *blushes* I do not think I should answer this question.
Xiang: *pulls Baili closer to his side and smiles down at her* I fear that Baili-qīn is easily flustered whenever I happen to display affection with people around, no matter how subtle I am.
Baili: I can't help it! It doesn't just happen with— with what he said. He says things, quietly usually, but always just loud enough that I'm afraid someone else will hear.
Xiang: You enjoy my little words of affection, though!
Baili: Of course, but I would rather others not hear them.

All right, enough! What’s one thing you know about each other that no one else does?
Baili: I know that Xiang is not always as formal and serious as he shows himself to the court.
Xiang: Of course I am not. As for myself, I know that Baili is far stronger than most realize. She always makes much of the help given her by others, yet she has endured much which would have caused others to despair.

Last question! What would you consider an ideal date?
Baili: A private meal, just the two of us. A picnic by the river's edge would be nice.
Xiang: And after that, a walk beneath the stars.
Baili: In short, we would prefer something simple, quiet, and private.

That sounds lovely. And now the interview's over! Say goodbye to the readers!  
 Baili & Xiang: *both bow*
Xiang: Farewell, honored readers. May your Valentine's Day be blessed, no matter who you spend it with. *smiles at Baili* I know mine will be.
Baili: *blushes* Yes, farewell, and thank you very much for reading!

Thank you indeed! And as Xiang said, happy Valentine's Day! Do you have any plans? Do you think Xiang and Baili are a couple you'd enjoy reading about? Please tell me in the comments!
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade) 


  1. I miss Beautiful People...
    This was interesting to read! I laughed at the thing about the apple, because... er... yes... Snow White things. XD


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