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Magic Mirrors Release: Blood in the Snow — Meet the Characters!

Today's the day, y'all! Blood in the Snow is out, and I honestly couldn't be more excited! (Or stressed. But I'm always stressed on Fridays, at least until 2-ish, so that's ok.) To everyone who was asking about the paperback: I'm incredibly sorry, but between schoolwork and some pretty extreme difficulties with formatting, I need to delay the paperback release. Everything is almost ready, but right now, everything in my life seems to be taking longer than I expect it to. Again, I'm immensely sorry and will let you all know as soon as the book is out.

In the meantime, the Kindle edition is all set, and everyone who preordered it should be recieving it soon! Or, if you don't want to wait for the paperback, you can buy the Kindle edition and have instant gratification. To that end, have some links, which will both let you get to my book and let you follow me on all the sites.

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Anyway. My favorite part of writing books is generally creating the characters, and that's true for Blood in the Snow as well. So, today, I thought I'd introduce you to some of the main cast of the book. As a bonus, I have character art (!!!) by two lovely artists: Melanie Morgan and Shelby Ahlborg. Honestly, I'm as happy about the art as I am about the book. So, let's get going!

From the Kingdom of Seven Rivers

Artist credit: Melanie Morgan
Princess Zhu Baili
Long ago, the prophecy was given: the fairest of all would unite divided lands and bring peace to the people. For years, people looked anxiously and consulted the fabled Dragonglass for the one who would fulfill that prophecy. And then Baili was born. As the firstborn princess of the Kingdom of Seven Rivers, a child of royalty and magic, with a Bloodgift that lets her control wind and water, Baili seemed a fine choice to carry out the prophecy. But though Baili is ready to do what she needs to do, she wonders: is she really the best person for this role?
Artist credit: Melanie Morgan
Empress Zhu Yawen
Once a princess of a small country south of Seven Rivers, Yawen is now empress over all Seven Rivers and its holdings. Both powerful and beautiful, with a potent though mysterious Bloodgift, she was considered a strong candidate for the fulfillment of the prophecy, and she grew up and wed the emperor assuming that she would indeed be the one to carry it out. And then Baili was born. Now she contents herself with running the empire, even as whispers of the people rise against her. 

Artist credit: Melanie Morgan
Dou Lanfen 
The youngest daughter of a very minor noble family, Lanfen has served as an attendant to Princess Baili and other members of the Imperial Family since she was fairly young. This allowed her to grow up in the very center of the riches and intrigue of the Imperial Court. Court life suits her well, perhaps too well . . . but now she's off to another kingdom and another set of intrigues as Baili's chief attendant on the journey to the Kingdom of Three Peaks.

From the Kingdom of Three Peaks

Artist credit: Shelby Ahlborg
 Prince Liu Xiang
As the eldest son and heir of the Emperor of Three Peaks, Xiang is well-known and well-loved throughout his kingdom. However, that's not just because of his position or even his reserved but kind nature. Born with the Bloodgift of healing, Xiang will gladly stop and heal anyone who he finds injured, and he's constantly testing the limits of his gift to figure out just how much he can heal. This desire to help others has endeared him to his people more than any emperor or emperor-heir for several generations.

Artist credit: Shelby Ahlborg
Nakuhara Chouko
 A victim of the Middle Kingdoms' taste for conquest, Chouko was born in the Isles of Rising Fire but now serves the Imperial Family of Three Peaks as a keeper of geese. Life could be worse for her — she has close friends among the other animal keepers, work she honestly enjoys, and food and shelter enough to get by. But she still longs for her childhood home and holds much spite for the empire that tore her from it. Despite her sharp-edged, independent nature, she is much loved by her friend. And she, in turn, is as stubbornly protective of them as she is ready to point out even unpleasant realities.

Artist credit: Shelby Ahlborg
Ganbaatar, or Gan as he's usually called, doesn't speak much about his past except as it becomes necessary. A prisoner of battle between the Riders of the Endless Plains and the Kingdom of Three Peaks, he now tends the horses of the Imperial Family. Or, at least, that's all anyone knows he does . . . but one thing's certain: Gan was never one to let anything stop him from doing what needs to be done. Among the animal keepers and other displaced Plainsfolk, he has become an unofficial leader, and all of them know that if they need help, they can turn to Gan and he'll take care of it, no matter how impossible it seems.

What do you think? Are you excited to meet these characters? Let me know in comments! And don't forget to check out the rest of today's blog posts! Also, the giveaway for paperbacks of five of the Magic Mirrors titles is now available in the tour master post, so make sure you check that out!
Thanks for reading!
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)

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