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An Echo of the Fae Blog Tour: Interview with the Jana, the Summer Princess!

Hey'a, everyone! Just like last Monday, I have an interview as part of the An Echo of the Fae blog tour! But this week, I'll be interviewing one of the story characters: Jana, the Summer Princess! I am super excited for y'all to meet her; she's pretty great. But before that, a bit about the book and author.

About . . .

An Echo of the Fae

Echo enjoys the peace and solitude of the Faeorn forest, regardless of how strange spending time in the "haunted" wood seems to others.

But on the cusp of her thirteenth birthday, the discovery of a family secret reveals why Echo has never been drawn to the sea like her mother. This discovery shakes the foundations of her world and sends Echo on a quest, not merely into the forest, but into the heart of the fae-lands themselves, to rescue the sister she didn't know existed.

Elves, dragons, and fairy courts will put Echo's wit and resolve to the test. But with time running out for her sister, will Echo even be able to save herself?

A fairytale adventure perfect for fans of The Secret of Roan Innish and The Girl Who Drank the Moon.

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Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

Jenelle first fell in love with stories through her father’s voice reading books aloud each night. A relentless opener-of-doors in hopes of someday finding a passage to Narnia, it was only natural that she soon began making up fantastical realms of her own. Jenelle currently resides in the wintry tundra of Wisconsin—which she maintains is almost as good as Narnia—with her knight-in-shining armor and their four adorable hobbits. When she is not writing, she homeschools said hobbits and helps them along on their daily adventures... which she says makes her a wizard.

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Interview with Jana

Art by H.S.J. Williams
Welcome, Jana! We're excited to have you join us here at Dreams and Dragons! To start out, can you tell us a little about who you are and what your role in the story is?

Oooh! I am the Summer Princess. That means that I am the daughter of Queen Titania and King Oberon. Usually, I am the life of the party, and I’ve been known to be a bit of a prankster in my parents’ court.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling very well lately. I get these awful dizzy spells, have been feeling weak and tired all the time, and even have been prone to sleep-walking. Sleeping isn’t any better than being awake, either, because whenever I’m asleep I have these vivid and terrifying dreams. My parents are worried about me, so they’ve put me up in a tower where I’ll be safe. It’s a bit lonely, but at least it keeps our subjects from worrying.

That sounds awful, frankly. What are your thoughts on the other characters in the story? (At least, those you've interacted with or know about?)

We-elll... I mean, Nevyk is a little grumpy and strict. But my own dear bestest friend ever, Drayeth is always a lot of fun. He has been my co-conspirator in many a prank. He’s keeping me sane, really. I just wish we didn’t have to stay in this tower. I hope my parents find a cure soon.

Are there other characters? What does that mean? Is someone coming who can cure me?

Well . . . um, that's a spoiler, now isn't it? Moving on, what is your favorite thing about your home? Your least favorite thing?

Oh, just... everything! I love living in Faerthain. Everything is always so full of life and color and magic!

My least favorite thing? That’s harder... I guess, I just wish that I could be healthy so that I could enjoy everything I love again.

I can understand that. If and when you get better, if you could spend an afternoon doing anything you wanted, anywhere in the world, with anyone you wanted, what you do, where, and with whom?

I’ve always wanted to go on an adventure. Not a really dangerous one or anything, but maybe something a teensy bit daring or different, just to give all the fae courtiers something to gasp about behind their hands. (giggles a little). But that’s probably never going to be possible, I shouldn’t be selfish. I’d definitely want Drayeth to be there, whatever I was doing. And anything to get out of this tower. Being cooped up in here is so very dull.

Oh, I completely understand about that. And I'm sure you'll get your adventure sooner or later . . . Thanks for answering my questions!

Thanks, everyone, for reading! Remember to check out the rest of the tour stops to meet other characters! And please tell me in the comments what you think about Jana and her story!

-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)


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