Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Revealing the Gilded in Ice Cover!


Hello, everyone! I've been talking about Gilded in Ice, the sequel to The Midnight Show, for . . . storms, eight or nine months at this point? And I mentioned that I finished the cover around the end of last month . . . and now I get to show it off! Now, some authors might drag this sort of thing out, but not me! Not much, anyway.


Bastian has two new missing person cases. One is cold. The other is his own sister.

Since his success solving the Midnight Show disappearances, Bastian Dennel is sitting pretty. And with the new high-profile cold case that just got dropped in his lap, he’s pretty sure things will stay that way for a while. But when he finds out his sister has gone missing without a trace, he’s determined to find her and bring whoever’s responsible to justice — even if his only lead is a stray cat with a knack for vanishing unexpectedly.

Kona Dennel’s plans have already been upended, so when the talking cat she’d befriended asked her for help breaking an enchantment, she didn’t see any reason not to say yes. She didn’t expect to be trapped in a frozen mansion or to be drawn into conflict with a mysterious lady of the fair folk. Even the cat is hiding more secrets than she realized. It’ll take a skilled detective to untangle this web . . . but since Bastian isn’t here, Kona will just have to do it herself.

Secrets abound, and the one creature who knows the truth isn’t talking. Can Bastian and Kona outwit a fae who’s been at this for centuries? Or will thawing out the long-frozen truth drop them in over their heads?

A magical mystery reimagining Snow White and Rose Red and East of the Sun, West of the Moon in the jazz-age world of The Midnight Show.

Releasing September 24, 2021

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For those curious: yes, I designed the cover, just like I designed the cover of The Midnight Show! Speaking of The Midnight Show, the Kindle version is free on Amazon today through Saturday, July 17!

As some of you know and others of you may have guessed, I'm releasing Gilded in Ice as part of the Frosted Roses Arista Challenge group. This is my fourth year participating in the Arista Challenge, and it's a new adventure every time. You can check out the full author lineup by reviewing last night's Facebook reveal party or visiting the release info page. And if you want to help spread the word about the release (or these snazzy new covers), we have several ways for you to do that. You can share the covers (info packet here) or sign up for an ARC or the blog tour! (If the info isn't up on the sign-up post yet, just check back in a bit. Kendra's in the process of putting that together.)

As a final note, we are currently running two special promotions! For the duration of this week, all of the Frosted Roses preorders will be only $0.99, and if you preorder all six and forward your receipt to Kendra, you'll get a special gift. And if you share the covers this week, you'll get another special gift! Find all the details on this post.


I can't wait to share this story with y'all. Thanks for your support!

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