Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Escape Part Seven, finally

Hello, everyone! I’m finally back with more of The Escape! As you can see, I finally remembered to post this on time, possibly because today is my first day of school and I wanted to make sure I did something right. For a refresher, which you probably need by now, here’s part six. And now, the long-awaited part seven!

Part Seven
As soon as Erica reached Alanna, she yelled “Hold on to me and try not to get in the way!” Alanna grabbed onto Erica’s jacket, and began praying harder. Great King, I know you’re with us, but we need more help! Please just rescue us!
            Erica hadn’t been entirely sure of what she’d do once she got to Alanna, especially since the other person had been carried farther away in the waves. Help! The answer to their desperate prayers became clear as soon as Erica got a little closer.  A rope dangled in the sea, off of the Dragonboat, which had been thrown by the captain when he saw Erica dive off the ship. Erica kicked over to it and said “Grab onto the rope and try to pull yourself onto the ship! Don’t worry about me!” Then, she swam away to rescue the other person in the storm ridden waters.   
            It took Erica more effort to reach the other slave. She had thought about just leaving him and letting him fend for himself, but she knew that she couldn’t just let him drown. So, she pulled him back the Dragonboat as well, then climbed back on herself. The storm abated a few hours later, and that was when more trouble came. Erica’s helmet had been lost in the roaring seas, and now her long, wet hair hung free. The others on the Dragonboat had noticed it before, but had been too busy with the storm to do anything about it. Now, however, it was a different story.
The captain was enraged. “What in the world? Eric, if that’s really your name, what are you doing becoming a girl? I want you off my dragonboat!”
            Erica looked calmly at the captain, doing her best to keep her temper under control. She found it easier than she expected, possibly because she was feeling too tired to get mad. “Sir, if you had known that I was Erica, and not Eric, would you have let me on board?”
            Olav shook his head violently. “No! No girls on board the Dragonstorm unless they’re slaves, and you’re not a slave!” Under his breath, he added “Unfortunately.”
            Erica wisely chose to ignore his slave comment. “Well then, sir, you can put me off at the next harbor, and consider me a bit of temporary free labor. Is that acceptable?”
            Olav thought it over. “Fine. But you’re off at the very next harbor, you hear?”
            Erica nodded agreeably. “Aye. Now, there’s the matter of the slave I rescued. I’d like to liberate him.” She saw Olav’s face begin to take on a mad expression. “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll pay for him, but I don’t want to have rescued him only to have him head into slavery.”
            Olav raised an eyebrow suspiciously. He obviously was skeptical of how much a girl could pay. “How much are you offering?”
            Erica considered, then pulled a small bag from her pack, which had been thrown off the top deck when the argument began. She handed it to Olav. “Would this cover it?”
            Olav’s eyes bugged out at the sight of the gold and gems within. “Aye! He’s all yours!” Then he hurried off, yelling for the crew to make for the next port. 
Alanna looked at Erica curiously. “Where’d you get money?”
Erica grinned. “Father was one of the most successful raiders in the area, and he gave me quite a bit of his loot before we had the . . . falling out. I figured that freeing a slave would be a good way to use it.”
Alanna nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, but . . . was that all the money you had? And what will he do? Will we take him with us, or just let him find his own way home?”
Erica frowned. “I didn’t think of that.” She sighed. “I guess we’ll have to figure that out. But no, that wasn’t quite all the money, though it was most of it.”
Alanna nodded again, wondering how this all would work out.

Well, it seems like Erica and Alanna’s problems are mostly over, but are they? And will Alanna ever make it home? You’ll have to wait until Thursday to find out! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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