Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Escape Part Six

Hello, everyone! Ready for more of The Escape? If not, here’s part five as a refresher. And now, part six!

Part Six
Time suddenly seemed to stand still for Erica. She saw her friend clinging to the side of the ship, her fingers slipping. Alanna’s scream was frozen, and a slithery voice crept into Erica’s head, hissing cruel lies. “Look where your faith has gotten you! You are trapped on a dragonboat, watching your only friend drown. What of your King’s promises now?”
            For a moment, Erica gave in to the voice. He’s right! I tried to follow the Great King and it’s about to rob me of my best friend! Now what? Then, strangely, a passage from the book in which she had learned about the Great King began to echo in her head. “Have I not lead you and given you this command? Be strong and brave, do not be frightened, for I, the Great King, will be with you.” The passage repeated itself in Erica’s mind, and the voice saying it gradually changed into one that was oddly familiar. Erica thought back to when she was a little girl, pretending to go on adventures with a young warrior. The voice was like the voice of her imagined companion, but bigger, stronger, kinder, and real. Erica could tell it was encouraging her, saying “Take the chance, I’ll keep you safe.” Suddenly, Erica realized that it was the voice of the Great King. I am not alone. He has my back. At that moment, Erica knew what to do.
Alanna screamed again as she struggled to hang on to the side of the dragonboat. A harsh voice seemed to scream in the winds, its rough roars forming words. “Your King said he’d help you escape! Now you’re about to die! What of his promises now?”
            No! Alanna refused to give in, and she shouted at the storm. “No! He still holds me, and even if I perish here, he will carry me to his home!”
Her words were cut off by a new wave that washed over the ship, tearing Alanna’s fingers from the side of the ship and dragging her into the sea. As Alanna struggled to stay above water, she saw Erica stand and dive off the dragonboat. “No!” Alanna screamed. What is happening, my King? Is it your will that we both perish here? No offense, but I don’t know if Erica’s strong enough to rescue me!
            Erica kicked at the raging sea. She had often swam in the many lakes, rivers, and streams of the Northlands, but this was rougher than she had ever experienced. Still, she struck out towards Alanna and the other slave, trusting that the Great King would help her.

What will happen next? Will Erica be able to rescue Alanna, or will they both be brought down by the storm? The only way to find out is to check back later! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

*Based on Joshua 1:9

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