Saturday, September 22, 2012

Prison Pictures Part 1

Hey'a, everyone! Guess where I spent this morning? The answer: at a photography field trip to an old abandoned prison with Daddy and several members of the photo club we go to! This prison is sometimes opened for groups to go take pictures of. It was a really interesting experience. We were taking pictures from 9 to 12, so I got a ton of photos. Because of this, I'll be posting my pictures in two parts: one tonight and the next on Monday.

The prison was divided into two sections: the minimum security area (which had dormitories instead of cells) and the maximum security area (which was more along the lines of what I was expecting). We started in the minimum security area, where we stayed until 10:30. It was all very dilapidated and broken down, which made for lots of pictures. Like this one:

This is actually an HDR of the inside of a water fountain. I thought it looked rather interesting, thus why I took the picture.

On several of the walls in the dormitories, there were areas where it looked like newspapers had been glued to the walls. Since there were puzzle pieces on top of the newspaper, Daddy thinks that the prisoners used the newspaper to attach the puzzles to the wall.

When I went to take a picture of the windows, I noticed that one of the panes had black stuff all over it. I thought it made for a more interesting picture.

These, obviously, are drawers that were in a building that seemed to be some kind of recreation-type area for the people in prison there. 

A cot on which a locker-type thing had fallen. 

On one of the cots, there was this little milk carton. I think it was empty, though I'm not entirely sure. I don't think I want to know how long it was there, but I like the picture I got of it.

This is a window with some kind of brownish-black stuff all over it. Is it just me, or do the two white spots remind you of eyes?

I found this in the last minimum security building we went in. I'm not sure where the pipes go, but I thought it might make for a good picture. Then I turned the picture black and white.


This was written on the wall in the same building as I found the pipes in. I took a picture simply because the message seemed rather odd. Not at all what you'd expect to find in a prison.

Well, that's all for tonight. Remember to check back Monday for my pictures from the maximum security area. Thanks for reading!

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