Monday, September 24, 2012

Prison Pictures Part Two

Hello, everyone! As you may remember, last Saturday, I posted the first half of my pictures from that old abandoned prison Well, today I'm posting the rest: the pictures from the maximum security area! This area was all cellblocks and a dining hall/kitchen (which wasn't particularly interesting to me). The person in charge of the field trip was careful to warn everyone not to accidentally close the cell doors. If you did, it would be pretty hard to get you out. Anyway, on with the pictures!

This is the first cellblock we explored. For the record, the lighting was not as creepy as it (hopefully) appears in the photo. It actually wasn't very creepy at all in that particular area.

The Bible in this picture is mine; I brought it in for the express purpose of taking this kind of picture.Just wanted to clarify since it shows up in several other pictures. (And because when Daddy saw my pictures, he though I'd found it somewhere and wanted to know where.)

In one of the buildings, I saw a doorway that led to darkness. (It would be the first of many.) The only thing I could see was this sink. I thought it looked interesting, so i took a picture.

Another picture with my Bible, the first of three versions of the same shot. The white stuff is peeling paint from off the ceiling.


In one of the buildings, I noticed a clock that had fallen onto the floor. If I do anything with this one, I think I'll call it "Lost Time" or something to that effect.

The third and final set of Bible pictures. They're the same setup as the first Bible picture I posted, just a different cellblock and a different angle.

And this is a list of names I found in front of one of those cellblocks. I'm guessing they're names of the prisoners who once were kept there, though I really don't know.

Well, that's about it. Thanks for reading, and I hope you liked my pictures!


  1. I L.O.V.E the clock photo. I think you are right on target. Those prisoners must feel like time has stopped, or at least moves really slowly.


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