Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Mercy Song

Hello! I'm back again! Today I'm posting another poem, this one inspired by about ten of Bryan Davis's books: the Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Children of the Bard series. (That's two finished series of four books and one unfinished series of two books, if anyone was wonder. They're all awesome, all favorite books.) I'd been working my way through rereading these for about ten days and had just finished the last when I decided to write a poem in the style of the poems found in Davis's books. Anyway, here it is:

When Adam fell to Satan’s lies,
His act brought on a curse
That spread throughout the song of life,
Corrupting every verse.

Now mankind wears the stains of sin,
The marks of every wrong.
And from his lips, no holy hymn;
He spews a darkened song.

The Creator sings his love for us,
Despite the stains we wear,
He wishes us to dwell with him,
His presence still to share.

But Satan shouts a Chaos Song,
Of pleasures of the flesh,
Everywhere we turn, ‘tis there,
Tempting us afresh.

Most just hear the Chaos Song,
But some desire more.
Following God’s song of love,
They come to the holy door.

But perfect God and red sin stains
Must always stay apart.
And how can mankind dwell with God
If the curse is in his heart?

Oh, who can wash these bloody stains
Into the purest white?
Who can turn a lowly squire
Into a holy knight?

Only one can wash the stains
And right what’s been made wrong.
Through His death, Jesus broke the curse;
Now He sings the Mercy Song.

To those who do believe,
New life He gives away.
All we have to do is ask;
He’ll give it any day.

Jesus turns the red to white
And washes all the stains.
He raises up a holy knight
Who sings a hymn of praise.

Oh, will you heed the Mercy Song
That flows down from above?
The choice is yours, to scorn or take
This holy gift of love.

And the Chaos Song that Satan spews
Falls lower every day
A soul does choose the Mercy Song
And follows Jesus’ way.

What do you think? I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by!
- Sarah

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