Friday, July 18, 2014

Random Fridays: Literary Kindred Spirits
Hello, all! This week's Random Friday topic is one that I think is really cool: literary kindred spirits, or the book characters that remind you of yourself, or who you'd be best friends with if they were real. Fun, right?

On a side note, from here on out, Random Fridays are only going to be every other week (at most) because Emma, who hosts them, isn't going to have as much time for blogging. This has actually been going on for a while, but this is the first time I've done a Random Friday since the change. Just wanted to let you know. Anyway, back to my literary kindred spirits!
  1. Una from Heartless. Personality-wise, she and I are practically twins. We're both romantics with a tendency to daydream about adventure (or at least a change from the ordinary). We both enjoy writing (poetry in particular). And while I like to think I'm not quite as silly as Una is sometimes, we both have a tendency to get flustered easily and say things not quite how we intended to. 
  2. Cress from The Lunar Chronicles. Cress is another daydreamer, and she's about as close to a homeschooler as one can generally get in sci-fi novels. (At least the ones I've read.) We're both smart (though not in all the same areas- I know next to nothing about technology), as well as sheltered, a bit clueless at times, and not very comfortable in social situations. 
  3. Jo March from Little Women. The most obvious similarity between Jo and I is that we're both writers, and that we both enjoy reading as well. We both also struggle with our patience, though I'm a good bit more reserved than Jo. Another similarity is that, like me, Jo is quite proud of her hair- or was, before a certain plot point.
  4. Jane Penderwick from The Penderwicks series. Jane is another writer, bookworm, and daydreamer like me. We both tend to be dramatic, and both have had crushes that left us feeling ridiculous afterwards. (As a note, though, I didn't make quite such a fuss about the crush or the aftermath as Jane- I suspect that very few people even guessed I had the crush at all.)
  5. Daryl from Echoes from the Edge. Ok, so I'm not a genius, but geek girls for the win, right? She's a movie geek; I'm a fantasy geek branching out into movies- we're not as similar as some of the people we'd mention, but I'm pretty sure we'd get along great if she were real. She'd definitely be someone I'd hang out with, in any case.
There might be some others, but these are all I can think of right now. What about you? What book characters remind you of yourself, or would you be best friends with? Please tell me in the comments!


  1. The only character I can think of that thinks even somewhat similarily to me is Ender, from Ender's Game... Although I'm obviously not even close to his level of genius (or any level of genius for that matter...)

    As for characters I'd be friends with... I dunno, people no one notices are hard to remember : }


    1. I find it interesting that you compare yourself to Ender. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I think the two characters that are most similar to me are two of my own characters, both of whom I intentionally based off myself—Jarik Valeson and Cazoren Lhei.

    Characters I'd be friends with? I think I'd be friends with quiet, sensible people like myself, people who stay in the background and listen rather than dominate. Characters like your Emma, Owen Reeder from the Wormling series, and JaRed from Legends of Tira-Nor.

    1. Interesting. Have I met either of those? Jarik sounds familiar, but you have a lot of characters.

      I am quite honored that Emma is included in that list. What's Legends of Tira-Nor about? I've never heard of it.

    2. Jarik Valeson is from Scars of Freedom, the first story on my writing thread, which you've read. Cazoren Lhei is from CaC2, but he hasn't done much so far.

      Emma deserves it. ;)
      Legends of Tira-Nor is a series by Daniel Schwabauer, the creator of the OYAN course. The two books currently published are Runt the Brave and Runt the Hunted. I could describe it as 'a mouse-world allegory of the story of David', but that's not sufficient to describe it fully. I guess you'd have to read it to find out exactly what it is.

    3. Ah! I thought the name sounded familiar! And got it. You have a lot of CaC2 charries, so I'm not surprised I don't remember him.

      Thank you. :)
      Ah! I've heard of those books, but haven't read them.


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