Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Machine and the Pendulum Tag

Hey'a! A while ago, I discovered this really awesome tag on Hannah's blog. It seemed super fun- I love story tags- and since she said anyone who wanted to do it could, I decided to go for it. Writing it was slightly delayed by a family trip (to Busch Gardens, which was awesome), but it's finished now, so, enjoy!

1. Your brother (you know, the one whose a super genius and makes Einstein look like a toddler) has just created a fantabulous new invention: It can bring fictional characters to life!  While trying to come up with a practical use for this, he realizes your birthday is tomorrow.  So he tells you he will bring your favorite character from your favorite book/movie to life for one day.  Who is the character you'll pick, what they are from, and what do you plan to do with your day together?

Eeeeep! That is a ridiculously awesome present- and a ridiculously difficult choice. I suppose, though, that I'll choose Dame Imraldera from Tales of Goldstone Wood, specifically Dragonwitch. I could definitely spend an entire day with her! Of course, first I'd have to stop exclaiming over how excited I was to meet her, which could take a while. But once I was over that, I'd ask her about her adventures and about the Haven (and, of course, about Eanrin). And then we could probably spend quite a long time chatting about books and stories and such. 

 2. Things are going pretty well.  You leave the room for a minute, and when you return . . .  your guest is gone!  You begin searching for them, and while at that your brother comes running up.  He tells you that his machine has malfunctioned, bringing to life the villain from your favorite book/movie.  And, well, they kind of kidnapped your favorite character.

The Dragonwitch kidnapped Dame Imraldera? Oh no! This is terrible! By this point, the Dragonwitch is on her last life- as a Faerie queen, she has three- and she's kind of crazy. Not to mention a dragon. And she definitely has a grudge against Imraldera. 

3. Action must be taken.  You rack your brain, trying to figure out what to do, and then you remember -- your brother's machine!  You can materialize anyone you need to help you track the villain down!

Well, first of all, I'm calling on Bard Eanrin. As a Faerie and Knight of Farthestshore, I'm sure he'll be all kinds of help. Besides, this is Dame Imraldera we're rescuing, so I'm sure he'll want to be involved. Next, I'm choosing Gandalf, who I'm certain could handle the Dragonwitch, powerful as she is. (I strongly considered Akilun and Etanun, but decided that having Etanun and Eanrin on the same team could end badly.) Finally, I'd call Vin from the Mistborn series, just in case we needed backup against the Dragonwitch's people.

4. You set off, dragging your brother along behind you, and reach the villain's hiding place in record time.   When your group sneak in, you are met with a chilling sight: The villain is plotting world domination, making good progress, and your favorite character is strapped to a table with a pendulum swinging ever nearer to them.  (Talk about dramatic.)  What shall you do now?

The Dragonwitch really has gone crazy! A pendulum really isn't her style, but hey- it's giving us a chance, so I'm not complaining. Gandalf goes to confront the Dragonwitch and their battle begins. Meanwhile, Vin, Eanrin, and I will save Imraldera. Vin uses her Mistborn powers to stop the pendulum (I'm assuming it's made of metal, since they usually are). While she's holding it, Eanrin and I untie Imraldera from the table. 

Gandalf's battle with the Dragonwitch is getting intense by this point. He tells the rest of us to run, and we do. (There's a good chance of any of us catching on fire if we stay, and none of us can help Gandalf much.) Imraldera's probably in pretty bad shape, so Eanrin and I help her along, while Vin clears the way of anyone who tries to stop us. Once we're out, we head to our prearranged meeting place. Before long, Gandalf joins us, a bit singed but overall unharmed, and tells us that the Dragonwitch fled and he did not believe it was time yet for her end to come. Eanrin disagrees, but I know Gandalf is right. Not that it really matters at this point- all of us are much more interested in getting safely away than going back in after her.

 5. Huzzah!  You've got the bad guy and stopped the pendulam.  But now comes the time to say good-bye.  These lovely characters must return to their written life.  What do you say to them?  Thank them for their efforts?  Assure them that their stories end happily?

I have to say goodbye? Aw . . . I'd probably hug all of them, whether they liked it or not, and thank them each about a million times. I'd tell each of them just how awesome I think they are, and depending where they are in their stories, try to give each of them a little encouragement. And if there was time, I think I'd ask Eanrin to sing one of his songs for me- maybe the Ballad of Shadow Hand. Then I'd thank them all again and sadly bid farewell. 

Whew! That was fun! Now to tag someone else- I choose Rayne Speryll of Writing in Rivendell. And if you're reading this and you want to do it too, go for it! (But please link me to your posts so I can read them!)
Thanks for reading!
 -Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)


  1. Haha, great! Oo, and good idea on bringing Vin in to stop the pendulum!

    1. Thank you! I actually thought of bringing in Vin first, and then I was trying to think of something she'd be doing besides backup. So I was happy when I came up with that. :)

  2. This was great! I can just see Gandalf fighting the Dragonwitch, and it is an awesome picture!


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