Monday, November 10, 2014

My friends, today is a very big day!

Why, you ask? Four words:

Golden Daughter is out!


Masayi Sairu was raised to be dainty, delicate, demure . . . and deadly. She is one of the emperor’s Golden Daughters, as much a legend as she is a commodity. One day, Sairu will be contracted in marriage to a patron, whom she will secretly guard for the rest of her life.

But when she learns that a sacred Dream Walker of the temple seeks the protection of a Golden Daughter, Sairu forgoes marriage in favor of this role. Her skills are stretched to the limit, for assassins hunt in the shadows, and phantoms haunt in dreams. With only a mysterious Faerie cat and a handsome slave—possessed of his own strange abilities—to help her, can Sairu shield her new mistress from evils she can neither see nor touch?
For the Dragon is building an army of fire. And soon the heavens will burn.

I was fortunate enough to get an influencer copy of Golden Daughter, and let me tell you: it's every bit as awesome as the description makes it sound. You need to read it. (Though if you haven't read the rest of the series, read them first. Then you can read Golden Daughter.)  

Also, for some extra awesomeness, Anne Elisabeth is celebrating Golden Daughter's release with an ebook special on her novella Goddess Tithe.

For a limited time, the Goddess Tithe ebook will be available for only 99 cents. I reviewed this book when it came out, and it's also quite good. Once again, I highly recommend it.

You can purchase Golden Daughter or Goddess Tithe at these links:
Golden Daughter on Amazon
Goddess Tithe on Amazon
Golden Daughter at Barnes and Noble
Goddess Tithe at Barnes and Noble

Happy reading, everyone!
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)


  1. I am so bummed because Golden Daughter was suppose to be at my house tomorrow, but the mail won't run! :( However I know it will be worth the wait! :D

    1. Aw, that stinks. :P But yes, I can assure you it will be!

  2. *sigh* Every time I think I'm almost caught up, another book comes out. I only just now got Dragonwitch.

    1. Eep! You read Goldstone Wood? Coolness!
      Also, Shadow Hand is between Dragonwitch and Golden Daughter, just so you know . . .
      Let me know what you think of Dragonwitch!

    2. I love Goldstone Wood. It's one of my favorite series, actually. :) I heard about Shadow Hand and wanted to get that one, but it was a toss between Dragonwitch and that, so I opted for the former since I usually try to get each book in the order they come out in. Hopefully I can grab Shadow Hand and Golden Daughter before another book comes out. XD.

      I'll do that, but it will have to be after the New Year. My mom has confiscated it until then. :(

    3. Double coolness! And yeah, reading Dragonwitch first is a good idea. :) At least you have plenty of time, I think.

      That stinks. :P Why'd she confiscate it?


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