Saturday, November 15, 2014

NaNoWriMo Day 15: Writing Challenges (Again)!

Wordcount: 29181
Words Written Today: Don't know; haven't gotten a chance to count.
Words I Still Need to Write Today: A lot.

I won't have much time to write today or tomorrow. There's a photo expo in my area, so I'll be taking a several photography classes there. I'll still try to squeeze in writing when I can, though; I don't want to lose too much of the lead I built up.

Since you all liked the writing challenges I posted last week so much, I'm posting more this week! I hope you enjoy them!

Challenge 1: Write So Many Words If . . .
The rules are simple: if any of the statements below apply to you, write the given number of words. I've done this once or twice, though I usually play a slightly different version based on movies (which I'll post below). Have fun!
  • You're writing on a computer: 300 words
  • You're writing on paper: 100 words
  • You have a pet: 50 words
    • Your pet is nearby: +25 words
    • Your pet is on your lap: +50 words
  • You like chocolate: 75 words
    • You're eating chocolate now: +25 words
  • You're homeschooled: 100 words
  • You're public-schooled: 125 words
  • You're behind on schoolwork: 25 words
  • You're caught up or ahead on schoolwork: 100 words
  • You're behind on your NaNo wordcount: 200 words for every day you're behind
  • You've drunk coffee, tea, or hot chocolate today: 50 words
    • You've drunk multiple cups of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: +25 words per cup
  • You'd rather be reading right now: 25 words
  • You're running low on sleep: 0 words; go take a nap.
Challenge 2: Write So Many Words If . . . LOTR Version!
In the mood to watch some LOTR, but know you need to write? You're in luck! This game is an awesome excuse to watch the movie while still getting in at least part of your wordcount. (Note: it'll work best if you pause after each scene to write the necessary words. This is experience speaking.)
  • A hobbit eats something: 10 words
    • It's Pippin doing the eating: +10 words
  • Frodo stares dramatically off into the distance or otherwise acts out-of-it because of the Ring: 25 words
  • Gandalf yells at someone: 20 words
    • It's Pippin: +5
  • There's a battle scene: 100 words
    • It involves orcs: +25 words
    • It involves the Nazgul: +50 words
    • The battle has an official name: +50 words
  • Gimli or Legolas insults the other: 20 words
  • Someone charges an enemy: 75 words
    • If it's Merry and Pippin: +25
  • Gollum has a conversation with himself: 150 words
  • Someone dies or seems to be dead: 150 words
    • "Someone" is Frodo: +25 words
  • Legolas misses: 300 words
Challenge 3: Writing Prompts!
People asked for more writing prompts last week, so here you go! Enjoy!
  • Well, this is creepy: Have your characters encounter an abandoned house, other building, ship, etc- the creepier the better!
  • Is someone gonna eat that?: A character finds a seemingly abandoned sandwich or other food item. What happens? (Ideally, said character should be hungry or should be one of those people who'll eat anything, anytime. Also, thanks to Blue for giving me this idea and letting me use it!)
  • The way is shut: Your characters need to get somewhere, but something is stopping them. Maybe their method of transportation broke down, maybe the place is closed, maybe a storm hit. How do they deal with it?
Please post in the comments which challenge(s) you did and how many words you got! Also, if you did a writing prompt and don't mind sharing, I'd love to read it! I'll be posting the scene I wrote for one of last week's prompts sometime in the next several days, if anyone's interested.

Thanks for reading, and happy noveling!
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)


  1. Sounds like a fun challenge! :)

  2. Oh, my goodness, I LOVE your Lord of the Rings writing challenge!! The next rainy day, I'm going to invite some friends over, and we'll get some serious writing done! : D

    1. Also, can we add: A girl watching sighs as camera zooms in on Aragorn or Legolas?

    2. Thanks! Let me know how it goes!
      And haha, yes, you can. How many words would that be?


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