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Lightporter Release Tour: Twinepathy & Lightporter Reviews!

Hey'a, everyone! We're taking a little bit of a break from the Song of Leira blog tour to recognize another awesome book releasing this month: Lightporter, the second book in C.B. Cook's IDIA series! I really enjoy this fun superhero series, and I'll be reviewing both books in this post. But first, let's hear a little bit about the book and author.

About the Book

n. someone who has the ability to manipulate light and can use that ability to teleport

Albany and her twin sister, Brooklyn, have gotten more comfortable in the superhero world. But when Blaze starts acting secretive and weird monsters attack, the girls realize there is more going on that they still don’t know about. Before long, they discover that Blaze is hiding something—or someone. With FOE still hiding in the shadows, the girls must decide who they can trust… before it’s too late.

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About the Author

C.B. Cook is just a girl trying to find out where her King is guiding her, while writing the stories of the people she creates, the worlds she wants to live in, and the adventures she dreams about. Also known as a mysterious creature called an “author.” She's a Christian and a home school graduate dedicated to changing others' lives through the power of the written word.
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My Reviews:


"There was an idea . . . to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if they could become something more."
Well, actually, there was an IDIA, and from that came an awesome novel about a pair of telepathic twins, a girl who lost her memories, a woman as full of mysteries as she is determination, and a serial memory murderer. And yes, you did read that last bit right.

Twinepathy is an exciting adventure that blends twists of mystery with superhero action. Yet it balances that action with a look at the normal— or semi-normal— life of a superhero and the decisions they have to make.

Probably my favorite thing about Twinepathy, though, is C.B.'s creativity in creating superpowers and superheroes. Some of the powers she comes up with are fairly unique in and of themselves— Data's, for instance, and the aforementioned serial memory murderer's. Others seem standard on the surface— telepathy, light powers— but are made unique by the way she thinks through unexpected applications of those powers. It makes for a real treat.

The characters are another thing I enjoy . . . but not entirely. To be honest, Albany annoys me, and I think she gets away with way too much. However, she has her moments, and the many side characters, major and minor, are awesome. Blaze is the best: a great guy who can be both snarky and sensitive as the situation demands. (I'd say that I'd date him if he were real, but he doesn't date.) Anvil is my second favorite, a scary guy with a bit of a soft side who's absolutely loyal to his friends. Data is intriguing and surprisingly likable for someone who keeps so many secrets. And Keller is someone to whom I can relate to in her desire for independence and care for her sister.

In conclusion: Twinepathy may not be the most amazing book in the world, but it's a fun, exciting read for superhero fans of all ages. Whether you love Marvel, DC, or just adventure and awesome powers in general, you'll enjoy this.


A good superhero novel is hard to find. Thankfully, the search ends here.

Though the second in C.B. Cook's IDIA series, Lightporter brilliantly avoids the dreaded Second Book Syndrome. This is partially due to an increase in writing quality and partially due to Albany's character development. While she still makes mistakes, she behaves with much greater maturity and much less stubbornness, which means I liked her better.

Though still told from Albany's perspective, a fair portion of the book centers around Blaze- which is just fine with me! He remains one of my favorite characters, even if he's a bit out of sorts for a while. We also learn a little more about Anvil, one of my other favorite characters, and he plays a pretty big role here. (On a side note: can I have a cookie-baking party with him and Blaze and the twins and Maddie and Jen? Because that sounds super fun, and I want to try his cinnamon chip cookies.) In addition, we encounter a few other new faces, both friendly and unfriendly, which I very much enjoyed. (One character in particular got me very excited, even if I was wrong in the end about his true identity.) Everyone, new and old, gets their moment of glory one way or another.

Plotwise, the book is pretty solid. It's not non-stop action, but things never stop happening long enough for me to get bored. FOE continues to make trouble, though it's definitely our friends the IDIA crew driving the plot. We learn more about FOE and their plans, just enough to raise the stakes and make us worried. And the ending is highly satisfying.

Lightporter is not perfect. Action scenes and transitions sometimes feel less smooth than they could. Dialogue occasionally seems a bit off. But overall, it's a fun, clean superhero adventure and a fabulous continuation of the series.

What do you think? Are you excited to try out this great IDIA? (Sorry, sorry, I'll stop . . .) If you are, now's a great time; both books are currently $0.99 on Amazon! If you're not yet convinced, well, just check out the rest of the day's stops (list below) . . . and especially make sure to stop back here on Saturday for an awesome interview with one of my favorite characters!
Thanks for stopping by!
 -Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)

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