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Song of Leira Blog Tour: Seek To Do Good

Hey'a, everyone! Today is my last post with the Song of Leira blog tour, though the celebrations will continue elsewhere around the interwebs for the rest of the month. To finish out my part in the tour, I've got a guest post from Gillian in which she talks about one of the major themes in Song of Leira, seeking to do good. I really appreciated this theme; I think it helped make the book's message a little more personal; and I'm excited to read what Gillian has to say about it here!

Seek To Do Good: A Guest Post by Gillian Bronte Adams

“The world, my dear, is a desperate, broken place. We cannot fix it, we Songlings and Songkeepers. We are not the Master Singer, capable of weaving the shattered threads of this world together. What can we seek but to do good with the moments and the gifts allotted to us?”
“’To do good.’” Birdie repeated the words dully. They meant so much … and yet so little. Weak and feeble words compared to the weight of the decisions before her.” - Song of Leira
Does the brokenness of the world ever overwhelm you? I don’t know about you, but all it takes is a few minutes of scrolling on social media to remind me how broken our world is. There was a time last fall when just in my community of online friends, I either know or was aware of people who had been impacted by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires … all in the same week.

With the constant stream of awareness and with the ability to know now what’s going on in our town, the state next door, and across the world, all in a matter of seconds, I think it is so easy to be overwhelmed.

To feel small in comparison to the problem. To think ourselves alone. To wonder how the tiny and seemingly insignificant things we can do could have any lasting impact or make any difference at all.
That’s why I love this quote from Song of Leira. Because it comes from a passage where Birdie, the young Songkeeper, is struggling with her knowledge of the suffering of her world, and she doesn’t know how she is supposed to respond.
“Everywhere there is pain and suffering and loss, and I can hear it—all of it—pounding inside my head. And … I don’t know what I am meant to do.”
Quillan’s response is simple. Frustratingly so for those of us who love "To-Do" lists. He doesn’t give her a battle plan or a “Standard Operating Procedure” for every imaginable situation. He gives her a principle.
“What can we seek but to do good with the moments and the gifts allotted to us?”
This is how the Bible often answers these types of questions as well, with principles and concepts and a heart attitude instead of with a definite list to follow.

Sometimes, y’all, I get hung up on the big picture. The world is broken. And its huge. And there are billions of people. And there is so much suffering and sorrow happening everywhere.

Focused on the vastness of the problem, I start to think about these things as concepts and helping and serving become abstracts. And when that becomes the case, when the brokenness of the world is “everyone” and not “my neighbor,” when serving is something huge that I will do someday and not simply taking out the trash for a loved one, then I miss out on opportunities that the Lord has given me to meet brokenness with love.

It’s usually only a moment. A few seconds where we have the choice to step in or step back. And so my prayer is that I would always be present in the moments and that my eyes would be open to each opportunity.

It is true that you or I alone cannot fix the brokenness of the world.

But God Himself has woven the melody to repair the brokenness of the world through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. And we are not alone. If we are followers of Christ, not only do we have the Holy Spirit, but we exist within the framework of the Church, the body of Christ. And the Church is the hands and feet of Christ where each member serves in unique ways to meet the needs of the body.
So, I firmly believe that God gifts us and fuels our passions and our hearts in different directions and toward different causes, so that as you come with your heart for abuse survivors and music, and I come with a love for missions and writing, and your brother brings his ability to work with his hands and his desire to do repair projects for the elderly, Christ is glorified!

Isn’t that exciting? To me, it is just so encouraging to realize that and to recognize the fruits of that when I meet other believers who have passions and causes and gifts that are so different from mine. Really, it is beautiful.

So, as I go about my day today, I want to think about those two things when I am tempted to be overwhelmed—the moments and the gifts—and I pray that we will all seek to offer good to others as the opportunities arise.

Join the Conversation
  • What are your passions and gifts and how have you had opportunity to use them to serve and love others?
  • Do you tend to get lost in the big picture or are you quick to see the moments where you can step in and act?

About the Book: 

 The Song bids her rise to battle.
Reeling from her disastrous foray into the Pit, Birdie, the young Songkeeper, retreats into the mountains. But in the war-torn north, kneeling on bloodstained battlefields to sing the souls of the dying to rest, her resolve to accept her calling is strengthened. Such evil cannot go unchallenged.
Torn between oaths to protect the Underground runners and to rescue his friend from the slave camps, Ky Huntyr enlists Birdie's aid. Their mission to free the captives unravels the horrifying thread connecting the legendary spring, Artair's sword, and the slave camps. But the Takhran's schemes are already in motion. Powerful singers have arisen to lead his army - singers who can shake the earth and master the sea - and monsters rampage across the land.
As Leira falters on the verge of defeat, the Song bids her rise to battle, and the Songkeeper must answer.

About the Author:

Gillian Bronte Adams is a sword-wielding, horse-riding, wander-loving fantasy author, rarely found without a coffee in hand and rumored to pack books before clothes when she hits the road. Working in youth ministry left her with a passion for journeying alongside children and teens. (It also enhanced her love of coffee.) Now, she writes novels that follow outcast characters down broken roads, through epic battles, and onward to adventure. And at the end of a long day of typing, she can be found saddling her wild thing and riding off into the sunset, seeking adventures of her own (and more coffee).

She loves to connect with fellow readers and wanderers online through her blog, Facebook page, newsletter, and Instagram.

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