Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Escape Part Four

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re ready for more of The Escape! If you aren’t, here’s part three as a refresher. And now, part four!

Part Four
The day after . . .
            “Are you sure this will work?” Erica asked as she adjusted the large helmet that covered most of her long, reddish-blond hair. She was dressed in men’s clothing, and could’ve passed for a young raider.
            Alanna nodded. “Just try to make your voice deeper, and act sure of yourself, not as if you’re an escapee trying to fake her way onto a ship. And whatever you do, don’t act so friendly to me! Remember, if this is going to work, they have to think I’m your slave, not your best friend.”
            Erica gulped, nodded, and strode out of the shadowy alley she and Alanna had been hiding in. She walked over to the dragonboats, the long, low ships of the Northlands, and hid a scowl just in time. Each of the ships was carved with a grotesque dragon figurehead, a tribute to Sirpendiss. May the Prince of Peace keep me peaceful and the Great King restrain my tongue! Oh, how I hate Sirpendiss! Erica straightened up a little taller and called a greeting in the direction of the first dragonboat in the harbor, making her voice deep as she did. “Hail! Are you in need of extra crew?”
            A figure popped up, black eyes glaring out from under piles of red hair. “We don’t need the likes of you, boy. Try the last dragonboat in the harbor, the Dragonstorm. The fellow in charge just might be crazy enough to take you aboard.” The person disappeared, and Erica gritted her teeth.
            Ugh! Oh, how I’d like to punch him in the nose! The likes of you indeed! What I wouldn’t give for a good broadsword! She managed to restrain her feeling, and stalked down the row of dragonboats until she reached the last one. “Hail!” she called once more. “Are you in need of a strong, young warrior to join your crew?” Is that boasting?
            An old raider with ashen hair strode off the ship. It seemed that age had not diminished him in the least. His bare arms were incredibly muscular, and his build was like that of a bear. There was a slightly crazy light in his green eyes that made Erica nervous. “And who might you be?” he asked.
            Erica thrust her chin up. “I’m Eric. Who are you?”
            The old man laughed. “Bold lad, aren’t you, Eric? Well, that’s good. I like bold lads. I’m Olav Beirson, captain of the Dragonstorm. Anything you’ll be bringing with you, Eric?”
            Erica shrugged. “A couple packs and a slave girl.”
            Olav nodded. “I’ll only need you one way, Eric, so once we reach the other shore, you’re on your own. Will you agree to that?”
            Erica had to stop herself form breaking into a grin. “Aye. That’ll be fine.”
            Olav gave a crazy grin. “Good! Be on board by dawn tomorrow, or I’ll leave without you.”
            Erica nodded. “I’ll be there.”

Will Erica and Alana’s plan work? Or will they be found out? There’s only one way to find out the answers: check back soon for more! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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