Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hi, everyone! Ready for more of The Escape? If not, here’s part four for a refresher. And now, part five!

Part Five
The voyage went surprisingly well for the first few days. No one bothered Alanna, and Erica was not questioned about where she came from. Captain Olav didn’t make any raids, and Erica began to think that the Great King had granted them with a peaceful journey. She was wrong.
            On the forth day, they were attacked. No, not by another ship. There was no ship’s crew upon the seas crazy or foolish enough to try attacking a dragonboat, not if they had heard of the ferocity of the Raiders of the Northlands. No, they were attacked by a storm.
            It hit in the early morning. As soon as the first huge drops fell, and the huge, dark clouds began to gather above them, preparations began. Everything was made secure, and those on board tied themselves to something sturdy. Alanna and the other slave on board, a small sandy-haired boy, were tied to the mast, and Erica and the rest of the crew tied themselves to their rowing benches. Olav and his burly first mate secured themselves to the huge tiller. Despite all this, Erica did not worry. Storms were not something you worried too much about when you were a raider’s daughter who had never been aboard a ship. However, Alanna grew tense, even though she knew the Great King would protect her. Something about this storm frightened her. And when the full force of the storm hit, she was not the only one a little scared.
            Big raindrops were driven into the rower’s faces by a stiff wind. Huge waves appeared and broke over the ship, drenching everyone with salt water. The crew strained on the oars, and Olav and his first mate struggled at the tiller, all trying to keep the dragonboat under control. Wave after wave rose until it seemed that no more could come, yet still the came. Mentally, Alanna cried out to the Great King. Please, my King, rescue us from this storm! Reach out your hand to calm the waves and draw back the wind and rain! Just do something! Just as she finished, the biggest wave yet broke over the dragonboat, snapping ropes and pulling Alanna and the other slave off the ship, into the raging sea.

What will happen to Alanna? Is she really done for?  There’s only one way to find out: check back soon for more! In the meantime, please comment. I’d love to hear what you think!

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