Friday, September 27, 2013

Random Fridays: Book/Movie Worlds I'd Like to Visit
Most of us probably know the feeling: you read or watch an amazing book or movie set in a time and place different from our own, and when it ends, you can't help thinking, "Oh my pumpernickel, how I'd love to go there." That's what this week's Random Friday is all about: book and movie worlds you wish you could visit. These are the places I'd choose.
  1. Middle Earth. I don't think this one needs explanation. Who wouldn't want to go to Middle Earth?  I'd especially want to visit Rivendell and the Shire.
  2. Goldstone Wood (Tales of Goldstone Wood series). The Goldstone Wood series has one of my favorite settings of all time. At first, it seems very simple, but once you get deeper in, you see that though the setting may seem familiar, it's also quite different than what you might expect. I'd love to explore the Wood (provided I had a guide, a Path, or both) and the different worlds it connects. I'd also want to spend a very, very long time in Dame Imraldera's library. Once I went in, actually, I might never want to come out.
  3. Narnia. Again, do I really need to explain? It's Narnia, after all.
  4. Aria-Prime (The Sky Riders). This is another one of my favorite settings. I haven't read any other books set in floating cities, and I think it would be really interesting to explore the different levels and find out how things work. Plus, I'd love to see a Felrell if I could. 
  5. Amara (The DragonKeeper Chronicles) or Algaesia (The Inheritance Cycle). These two are grouped together because my main reason for visiting them both would be the same: I want to see dragons that aren't evil. Of course, I wouldn't be at all opposed to visiting Vendela, Kale's castle (or Fenworth's, depending on the time period), or Kimen Falls in Amara, or Farthen Dur in Algaesia.
  6. The Realm (The Door Within trilogy). The Door Within was one of the series that got me into fantasy, and I've visited the Realm hundreds of times in my imagination. I'd love to see if I was imagining it correctly.
  7. Bayern (The Books of Bayern). This might just be because I just read Forest Born and so I'm on a Bayern kick, but I really want to go there right now. I especially want to visit the Forest and Tira. The Forest makes me think of the area where my family goes cabin camping every year, but better. And Tira just sounds really pretty, though also really hot during the summer.
  8. The Character Conversations and Complaints Thread on the Underground forum. Ok, this isn't exactly a book or movie setting, but it's a roleplay thread setting, which is kind of similar. I mostly want to visit here so I could meet all my favorite characters from some of my friends' stories, but I also think it would be rather fun to see the CCC house for myself and find out exactly how big it was. (And yes, I'd probably end up dying multiple times, but it's not like injuries are permanent there.) 
 Well, that's my list! What about you? Where would you go if you could?
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)
Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)

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