Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Fridays: Owl City Song Lyrics
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Now for this week's topic: song lyrics from a favorite artist. I have a lot of favorite singers/bands, mostly because my tastes tend to change somewhat with my mood, but right now I'm pretty crazy about Owl City. Obviously, I can't post all my favorite lyrics, but I'll do my best to give a good selection. (By the way, please let me know if you can read the text on the images.)

With a starry brush, paint the dusk venetian blue,
 Because in the evening hush, you'll never believe the view. 
And when the leaves return, and their whisperings fill the night
They'll freeze and burn where fire and ice collide.


When the sun goes down and the lights burn out
Then it's time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are.

Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light
'Cause it's time for you to shine
Brighter than a shooting star
So shine no matter where you are.


Oh telescope, keep an eye on my only hope
Lest I blink and get swept off the narrow road
Hercules, you've got nothing to say to me,
'Cause you're not the blinding light that I need.
For He is the saving grace of the galaxies!


We wrote a prelude to our own fairytale.

I'll be out of my mind 
And you'll be out of ideas pretty soon.
So let's spend
The afternoon in a cold hot air balloon!
Leave your jacket behind,
Lean out and watch the treetops over town.
I can't wait to kiss the ground wherever we touch back down!

I forget the last time I felt brave; 
I just recall insecurity
'Cause it came down like a tidal wave 
And sorrow swept over me.
Then I was given grace and love,
I was blind but now I can see.
'Cause I found a new hope from above
And courage swept over me.

  Tonight I'm busting out of this old haunted house
'Cause I'm sick of waiting for
All these spider webs to grow around me
'Cause I don't feel dead anymore
And I'm not afraid anymore. 

I don't need the stars in the night; I found my treasure.
All I need is you by my side, so shine forever.
Gold, I know you're gold.

You'll never be far; I'm keeping you near.
Inside of my heart, you're here.
Go on, it's gotta be time,
You're starting to shine.
'Cause what you've got is gold. 
I hope you enjoyed this post! What are some of your favorite song lyrics? Feel free to answer in the comments, or make a Random Friday post of your own!
Nai haryuvalyë melwa rë!*
-Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)
Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)

*May you have a lovely day!


  1. Owl City! :D I absolutely love his music. (like overly obsessive fangirl over here... xD) And I love all the songs you chose. The All Things Bright and Beautiful CD is my favorite :)

    P.S I was able to read all the fonts on the pictures. They look fantastic :)

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure if All Things Bright and Beautiful or Ocean Eyes is my favorite cd; I love them both.

      And great. Thanks!

  2. I think you didn't mention Vanilla twilight, that's my fav!

    1. I knew I forgot one. Oh well. Vanilla Twilight is awesome.

  3. Great job with those Leilani! They're awesome. :)


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