Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Death to Life

Hey'a, everyone! I actually had a Top Ten Tuesdays post all written up for today, but then I realized that, whoops, I got this week's theme mixed up with the theme for the last week of January. Silly me. Instead, I have a poem to share with you. I hope you enjoy it!
Onward, onward, onward she strode,
Onward, onward, on her unending road.
Far away, far away were the paths that she tread;
Far away, far away, in a land forgotten and dead.
Lonely, lonely, she walked all alone.
Lonely, lonely, so far from home.
Shadowy, shadowy, the path led through night;
Shadowy, shadowy, for she had no light.
Wandering, wandering, not found but lost,
Wandering, wandering, her punishment’s cost.
Dying, dying, never truly alive;
Dying, dying, rotten inside.
Searching, searching, for that which gives life;
Searching, searching, unsure what she’d find.
Calling, calling, a voice from the dark.
Calling, calling for someone to hark.
Shining, shining, it broke through the night;
Shining, shining, a glorious Light.
Falling, falling, she fell to her knees,
Falling, falling, for she was unworthy.
Guilty, guilty, deserving of death;
Guilty, guilty, all her life, and yet,
Forgiven, forgiven, the Light-Bearer says she can be!
Forgiven, forgiven, made alive and set free!
Living, living, at last given life!
Living, living, through the grace of the Light!
Forever, forever, this gift will endure.
Forever, forever, nothing can take it from her.
Once again, once again, onward she strode,
Once again, once again, but on a new road.
Always, always, she spread the Light that is Life,
Always, always, until the whole land shown bright.


  1. Good poem, Leilani! I like it.

    Also, I believe 'Light-bearer' is the English translated version of 'Lucifer' in Latin. I could be wrong; it may be 'Morning Star'... Lol.

    1. Thanks, CNG!

      Really? O_o Did not know that. Interesting.

  2. You're welcome!

    Yeah. I don't remember where I heard/read about it... *Digs into the back of my mind*