Friday, January 3, 2014

The Time-Thief

Hello, all! I thought that this week, I'd do something different and post a poem instead of a Random Fridays post. Enjoy!
The Time-Thief
Beware Distraction, the creeping thief
Who steals the precious gems of Time.
From his attacks there’s no relief;
He seeks you out wherever you hide.
He draws your mind with want-to-do’s,
With should’ve-done’s and curious thoughts.
Every trick he has, he’ll use
‘Til your focus turns where it should not.
Then while you’re bound and unaware,
He finds your Time and plucks the jewels.
And with no sign he was ever there,
He leaves to torment other fools.
So be wary, watchful, and focused stay,
‘Lest Distraction steal your entire day.


  1. That is great! And so true... I'll have to remember that when I'm doing school.

  2. So true! I tend towards losing time to Distraction far more than I'd like to admit. 0_0 Great poem!

  3. Wow, Sarah, I never saw any of your poems, but now I realize how good you are with them.
    -Z Baner


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