Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014! HUZZAH!

Yes, this probably should've gone up at midnight or something. I was busy yesterday.

Also: what the thrice-baked pumpernickel happened to 2013? I feel like the year just flew by. Or like I accidentally fell through a time portal (are time portals a thing?) a few times and skipped some days.

Anyway, 2014!

I'll be posting about my goals for 2014, writing, bookish, and otherwise, in next week's Top Ten Tuesdays post. So you can look forward to that. (Or not look forward to it, if you prefer.)

In conclusion, there's an Irish/Celtic New Year's song that I really like. It's called "Let the Good Guys Win". I couldn't find the version I listened to, but I did find another version that seemed all right, so, enjoy!
Yes, I know, this video probably doesn't sound very Celtic. I listened to the Celtic version first, and it's an Irish song.

Idhrin-eden 'elir!*

*Happy new year!

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