Sunday, November 22, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 22

Wordcount: 54,569
Words Written Today: 878
Words I Still Need to Write Today: 0
Writing Music Obsession: 10 Hours Nordic Music
Most Words Written In One Day: 5,292 on 11/15
Fewest Words Written In One Day: 488 on 11/19
Average Words Per Day: 2480 words

I've said it the last two years, and I'll say it again: HUZZAH!

It's weird, but I don't really feel the same "Yes! I won!" excitement this year as I usually do. Maybe it's because I'm still hoping to keep going at a strong pace for the rest of November in hopes of finishing not just the 50K but the whole storyline by the end of the month. I have decided, though, that I probably won't try to finish Monster in the Castle this month . . . probably. It depends how long Binding Destiny takes me. (I still want to finish both stories by New Year's Eve, though, if I can. We'll see how it works out.)

Also, a funny-ish thing (or series of things?) happened this week. Those who read NaNoToons are aware that a handwriting WriMo was recently introduced- with an accompanying joke about arm cramps. I was happy to see handwriters finally represented in the comic, but also a bit bemused, since I can never remember getting any kind of cramps from writing- only from typing or using the computer mouse. On Friday, my youth leaders also made a comment about "Don't you get cramps from handwriting?" and I said that no, I don't. Cue Saturday . . . and my fingers start cramping halfway through the afternoon. (Oh, the irony!) On the upside, it never reached a full-on hand cramp.

How's your NaNo going? How far are you from the finish line? Had any hand cramps, whether you type or handwrite?
Thanks for reading!
 -Sarah (Leilani Sunblade)


  1. I get hand cramps after handwriting for too long, but it takes a while. I've never gotten cramps from typing, but I've had sore wrists if I type for too long. I also get finger cramps after playing piano for a while, particularly if it's a song that has a lot of octave notes.

    As far as NaNoWriMo goes, I've never done it. I just don't have time for that sort of thing. But I really admire those like you who do. Congratulations! :D I can't wait to read Monster in the Castle, and Blinding Destiny, when you're ready to put them out there.

    1. Sore wrists is sometimes a thing for me too. *nods*

      Thank you! And it'll be a while; they'll both need pretty heavy editing . . . but I will let you know when that happens!

  2. I don't usually get hand cramps. Though I did once when I was doing an EXTREMELY long school paper. I had to keep switching hands. :P

    And I'm at 30,000 words. But I'll catch up quickly. :)

    1. How long was the paper? O_o (Also, you can write with both hands? Impressive!)

      That's good!

    2. Ehhh...twenty pages? Okay, it's not TOO long, but it seems a lot longer when you're ten. :P

      And yeah, I can! :)

    3. Twenty pages. What. And you were ten. What kind of school do you go to?


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