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Broken Mirrors Release Party: Interview with Erudessa Gentian [Christmas Games]

Merry Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas, but today is the release day for the last of our Broken Mirrors stories, Erudessa Gentian's Christmas Games, a short read set in the world of her Kynaston Royal Saga series. I haven't read the main series, but I am kind of interested to give it a try now! As always, you can read my full review over on Light and Shadows — or you can stick around here for an interview with the author herself. Oh, but before we move on, I just wanted to remind y'all to enter the giveaway on the release main page if you haven't done that already! (Also, if you ordered Through a Shattered Glass yesterday, make sure you request your character art stickers!) With all that said, let's get on with the tour!

About . . .

Christmas Games

Beware the harmless Christmas Gift.

When a group of friends decide to play a new immersive role playing game, exciting fun turns into a glitchy mess.

Larkspur’s real-world superpowers interfere with a simple, in-game mission. Discovering they’re unable to exit gameplay, the team scrambles for answers. When their leader and most experienced player, Conan, is kidnapped by the game’s main Boss, it’s up to Lark, Joshua, and Shamira to save him … and themselves.

Join the beloved Kynaston Royal Saga cast in this short Snow Queen retelling.

Find it on: Amazon || Goodreads

Erudessa Gentian

Erudessa Gentian is a firm believer that clean entertainment can be powerful. Inspired by her love of cultures and learning, she produces dynamic art to spark imagination and touch souls.

Erudessa writes in multiple genres, but specializes in fantasy and science fiction. She posts about lifestyle, travel and so much more on her blog.

Find her online at: Website || Blog || Goodreads || Facebook || YouTube || Newsletter || Instagram || Amazon 

Interview with Erudessa Gentian

Welcome to the blog! To start out, please tell us a little about yourself. Who are you, what are your favorite hobbies (aside from writing) or favorite books (outside your own), and do you prefer coffee or tea?

I am Erudessa Gentian, lover of the arts! I have way to many hobbies, but I've been trying to get better at scuba diving recently. I prefer tea over coffee, specifically with sugar/honey and sometimes milk (depending on the tea).

Oooh, scuba diving sounds cool! But I'm on a question limit, so let's get to the book talk. Where did you get the initial idea for your particular twist on The Snow Queen, and how (if at all) did the concept shift from its original version?

The characters in Christmas Games are from my established science fantasy world, mostly set on a terraformed planet 2,000 years in the future. It's more science than fantasy, so this short story special was an opportunity to throw in a lot more fantasy, while exploring what gaming technology might look like in the future. My original vision was more like wisps of moments, most of which I managed to keep in the final version, so most of the changes would be expanding on the original ideas.

Ah, yes, I can relate to the "wisps of moments" inspiration. What was something you learned (whether it's about writing, about yourself, or just a random thing from your research) while writing this book?

My husband plays video games, and I'll watch sometimes, but I've only played a handful myself. So I discovered while writing this story that the health bar is nearly always red (red for blood/heart).

Important knowledge. What's another fairy tale you'd love to retell but haven't yet gotten to write your take on?

Beauty and the Beast has special meaning for my husband and I, so some day I will tackle that story...

Nice! That's one of my favorites! Finally, can you tell us a little about what you're currently working on and what we can expect from you next?

I'm working on getting audiobook versions of nearly everything I have available now out the first half of 2023. I also plan to release several short stories, including another retelling or two, and a multimedia project that will incorporate some of my music. Of course I will be working on book three of my science fantasy series (Kynaston Royal Saga), but I'm a slow writer, so we'll see when that is ready.

All of that sounds awesome! I look forward to seeing how it all turns out. Thanks, Erudessa, for joining us! And thank you to all my readers for stopping by!

Did you enjoy the interview? Does Christmas Games sound like something you're interested in? Please tell me in the comments! And, again, don't forget to enter the giveaway!
Thanks for reading!


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