Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DragonSpell Review

Author: Donita K. Paul

Characters: Excellent! Colorful and vibrant, the amazingly varied cast of this novel includes a fainting dragon, an eccentric and unusual wizard, a wide array of races both big and small, and a young girl who seems pleasantly familiar. The characters along in this tale are a masterpiece!

Location: Good! The descriptions are clear, though not overwhelming, and the places are interesting, and just right for the mood needed for each scene. I did get slightly confused in one or two spots, but it was very good for the most part.

Plot: Amazing! Exciting and funny, this plot is very well done with enough adventure and mystery to keep you turning the pages. I couldn’t put it down!

Other: This books is excellent for both young and old! Through reading it, you travel to an amazing world where anything can happen, and it usually does. A real treat!

Overall Rating: 4/5

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