Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Precisely Terminated Review

Author: Amanda Davis
"With microchips implanted in their skulls at birth, the slaves of Cantral and Cillineese have labored under the tyrannical rule of the nobles and their computers for centuries. Monica, a noble who avoided the implanting and escaped a death sentence at the age of four, is now sixteen and is in hiding. She lives with the slaves inside the walls of the Cantral palace, pretending to be one of them while the slave council plots a way to use her chip-less state to destroy the all-powerful computers that strike down any hint of rebellion.

The fate of millions rides on Monica's shoulders. As the only chip-less person in the world, she must find a way to destroy the computers and free Cillineese from the nobles' iron fist before they strike with the ultimate punishment- death for everyone inside the city walls."
-Summary from the back of Precisely Terminated
Characters: Amazing! The characters, even the minor ones, are realistic and not at all flat. The main character is a stunning example of a reluctant heroine, portrayed in a way that makes her surprisingly easy to relate to.

Location: Ok, but I got a bit confused in many places. The concept of the cities and the connecting tunnels is interesting, but in several places, a bit more clarification would’ve been welcome.

Plot: Excellent. The plot is interesting and suspenseful, moving quickly enough to keep you turning the pages but not so fast that you can barely keep track of what’s going on. There were more plot twists than I expected (a good thing), and if it weren’t for school, I don’t think I would’ve put the book down at all.

Other: No other comments.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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