Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Lay of Lucius

Hello, all! I'm finally posting the first part of "The Lay of Lucius". This is based off a story I wrote entitled "The Fall", which was one of my Tales of the Great King series. The original story was about the Dark Lord (who, in my Tales of the Great King series, represents Satan) and how he rebelled against the Great King (God). After I finished writing the story, I decided that I didn't really like it, but once I converted it to the form of a lay, I decided to post it here. So, without further ado, The Lay of Lucius!

The Lay of Lucius
All seemed calm in the Kingdom of Light that day,
The day that rebellion began and took peace away.
Luce, the Commander, second to one,
Wished once and for all to be second to none.
Slowly consumed by jealous desire;
He was the first to turn from shining light to burning fire.
 He plotted rebellion, and not just on his own;
To promising Warriors his plan was slowly shown.
First to fall was Socorro, who lost his way,
Looking to Luce instead of the Great King one day.
Luce promised him power and lured him away,
Though Socorro hesitated, Luce held him in sway.
And so spread the darkness as Warriors fell
To an enemy within of which none would tell.
One by one, until a third of the Warriors were consumed,
And in going their own way, they went to their doom.
The day finally came when long before dawn,
Luce deemed it time for to go far beyond
Subtleness and trickery; the time had come to rise!
He gave his rebels their orders, and with ambition in their eyes,
They prepared for battle and planned to succeed.
Alas, the doom that came by their plans to lead!
The Great King was not unaware; he knew of their plan.
He knew the sorrow that would come over all the land.
Luce came before him, with cloaked intent.
“Great King,” said he, “If some of your time could be lent,
There is something that must be said, which you must hear.”
He seemed still loyal, though a careful ear
Could hear that he was not, that his voice, smooth as silk,
Held a slight mocking tone, the rebellion of him and his ilk.
The Great King looked on him, solemn and grave,
He knew the events that would transpire that day.
“Speak your mind, Luce, why have you come?
Why are you here long before the sun?”
Luce might have attacked, but he held in his blade.
Said he instead, “Some changes should be made;
There are those who are discontent, filled with unrest,
Would not to satisfy them be the best?”
The Great King replied, calm and composed,
“Discontent has been spread in the hearts of those
By one who has turned away from My way,
It is not because of what they do not have this day.”
Luce scowled, and drew his blade.
“Perhaps this you say, but changes will be made,
And I will make them, this I declare.”
Luce charged the Great King to do battle there.
The Great King met him, light against dark,
That one battle, all would do well to mark.
Back and forth they fought, but only one would ever win,
For right must always win over sin.
Luce fell to the ground, the Great King’s blade at his throat.
Luce glared at the King, and growled, in his voice an angry note.
“Go ahead, kill me, if I cannot prevail.”
But slowly he reached for his blade, hoping not to fail.
Luce’s blade was moved; the Great King saw all.
He sighed in sorrow for those who chose to fall.
“I will not kill you, no, not yet.
But what goes on today, no one will forget.
You will not take my throne, as you hoped to do.
But the Kingdom of Light is no longer open to you.
You will be cast out to the Dark Lands, a land of flame and stone.
There, perhaps, you may claim to have a throne.
You will lead those who will join you, but you will never be king.
You will be called Lucius, the Dark Lord, one who wished for everything.”
Loyal Warriors emerged and began to take the rebels away,
But Lucius, unable to harm any more that day,
Cried out with anger for all to hear
“No! I will be feared; I will conquer the world, and then come back here
And then you will see! I will come for You!”
The Great King shook his head. “No, Lucius, whatever you do,
You will not return here, and I will come for you.”
No more was said; the die was cast.
Lucius’s rebellion would not be the last.
Things now would change and darkness would spread,
A time had begun of which much has been said.
The Great King had a plan, as He always will,
Even when our own plans have all gone ill.
But that is another tale, one you may already know well,
And so no more remains to tell
Of the rebellion of Lucius, who was once light
And the beginnings of good and evil’s fight.

What did you think? I hope you liked it. Please comment and let me know what you think of it! Thanks for reading!

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