Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Right Thing Conclusion

Hello, everyone! Ready for more of The Right Thing? I hope so, because I’m posting more today! If you need a refresher, here’s part three. And now, without further ado, part four!

Part Four
I got home from school later than usual the next day. Mum had confiscated my car keys, which meant that I had to walk to school in the typical Scotland rain, which cast a grey cloud over my mood. It didn’t help that many of my friends were vastly unsympathetic, and the few that were sympathetic didn’t have cars yet. Also, I discovered that I had an Algebra test, a surprise Social Studies quiz, and we were playing basketball, one of the few sports I don’t like, in gym. The single bright spot was the hug and whispered “thank you!” I received from Emma. As you can imagine, my mood was decidedly black by the time I arrived home. However, all school paled in comparison to what awaited me at home in the form of a mop, scrub brush, and bucket.
            Mum cornered me as soon as I got in the door. “You have work to do.” She thrust a mop towards me. “If you’re going to be home the rest of the day, you should do something useful.”
            I gulped, remembering the stacks of homework that I needed to finish tonight, and the leather-bound copy of The Book of Lost Tales that awaited me upstairs. “But Mum,” I protested, as I removed my coat, “I b’ havin’ homework t’ do and books t’ read! Yu wouldn’t like t’ see me fall behind in me schoolwork, would yu?” I hoped that Mum’s overprotective-ness would work in my favor once more.
            Unfortunately, Mum wasn’t swayed. “You can do that after you clean the kitchen floor. If you get started now, you can finish with plenty of time to read.”
            I knew there was no hope of changing Mum’s mind now, but I did try to buy a little time. “Mum, can I at least take off me school clothes first and put on something else?”
             Mum nodded. “Go. But make sure you hurry!”
            Ten minutes later, I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor and wondering why in the world I bothered to take the blame. I was so intent on this that I didn’t hear Audrey walk up behind me. “Yu missed a spot.” she informed me.
            I turned and glared at her. “I haven’t gotten there yet, and don’t yu b’ sneakin’ up on me like that!”
            Audrey just smirked and stood there with her hand on her hip. “Yu’ve gotten yurself into a lot of trouble, Elf. So much for yur reputation of being the golden girl of the house and the high school.”
            I almost smiled at hearing my nickname, but Audrey’s other words made me glare more. “Yu and I both b’ knowin’ that I didn’t break Mum’s vase.”
            Audrey attempted to raise an eyebrow in my direction, but failed. “Oh? Then why’d yu take the blame? Yu could’ve let me do it and kept your reputation. I’m already in trouble, what’s a little more?”
            Audrey’s question stopped me in my tracks. Though it was the same question I’d been asking myself all day, it seemed to have much more weight when spoken. Why did I take the blame? Then, the answer dawned on me. “I b’ takin’ the blame because o’ love, Audrey. It b’ the right, lovin’ thing t’ do. That b’ all.”
            Audrey frowned. “What do yu mean?”
            I sighed. “I b’ takin’ the blame because I love yu two. I don’t b’ wantin’ Emma gettin’ the blame and thinkin’ that Mum hates her. Yu b’ knowin’ that’s what would’ve happened. And yu say that a little more trouble won’t b’ hurtin’ yu, but yu’re wrong, Audrey. If yu b’ gettin’ in one more bit o’ trouble, yu won’t b’ leavin’ the house for a year. I don’t want t’ see that happen. I love yu too much t’ want that. So, I b’ takin’ the blame. Now, if yu don’t b’ mindin’, I b’ havin’ a floor t’ scrub.”

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