Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Right Thing Part Two

Hello, everyone! Did you read last week’s story part of The Right Thing? I hope so, because I’m posting part two today! If not, here’s the link so that you can read it now. I hope you enjoy it!

Part Two
Incredibly protective, Mum’s first instinct was to be, well, a mother. “What happened? Are any of you hurt?”
            I stood, surrendering Emma to Mum. “I’d not b’ thinkin’ that anyone’s hurt, Mum. Emma’s a wee bit upset, but that b’ all.”
            Behind me, Audrey snorted, and I turned to glare at her. I desperately hoped that she got my message that this wasn’t something to laugh about. It didn’t matter. A gasp form Mum made her stop immediately.
            “Who did this?” I turned to see that Mum was as angry as she ever got. I gulped, remembering how Mum had instructed us to be very careful around her vase, and how she had warned us of dire consequences if it was broken. Now, it looked like one of us was about to face those consequences. “I repeat,” Mum said, “Who did this?”
            I glanced around and saw both Emma and Audrey open their mouths to speak, and knew that I had to do something. If the punishment’s anywhere near as harsh as I keep imagining . . . Emma will think Mum really is going to hate her forever. And Audrey’s already in trouble with Mum because of her sneaking out, though I know she’d take the blame. I gulped again. There’s only one thing to do. “I did it.” I said, before anyone else spoke.
            Behind and to the side of me, Audrey and Emma gasped. In front of me, Mum quailed. Inwardly, I smiled grimly. As the oldest, Mum was a little more protective of me. Most of the time, I hated it. Now, it might work in my favor. “I did it.” I repeated.
            Audrey found her voice. “But that’s not-“
            I cut her off with a glare. “Yu b’ quiet!” I hissed.
            Mum regained some of her ferocity. “Kelia Grashen! I’ve told you hundreds of times, be careful around my vase! It’s been in the Siver family for years!” I winced. Every time Mum’s English side of the family is mentioned, it means someone’s about to get in very hot water. “Clean up this mess, young lady! And after that, you’re grounded for a week! No TV, only the most necessary computer access, no going out except for school, which means I’m keeping your car keys for now, and . . . ” Here her mother instincts kicked in “You can either keep your iPod or whatever it’s called, or you can have limited cell phone usage. Take your pick.”
            I pulled my silver iPod from my pocket and handed it to Mum. I couldn’t risk giving Mum my cell phone. Who knows how many of my important contacts she might accidentally delete, or worse, block calls from? “Yes, Mum.” I said. Then, I hurried away to get a broom and dustpan. It’s going to be a long week.

What will happen to Kelia now? Will she continue to take the blame for her sister, or will someone else do it? To find out, check back next time for part three! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear what you think!

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