Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Sacrifice Part Seven

Hello, everyone! Guess what I’ve got! If you guessed a book review, you are wrong, unfortunately. However, if you guessed another part of The Sacrifice, you’re right! I’m trying to finish it fairly quickly since it is, after all, an Easter story. So, without further ado, the next part of The Sacrifice!

Part Seven
Abbie looked up at the looming clouds. It had been dark and overcast ever since the Prince of Peace was hung; and this turned the garden, which was usually a cheerful place, into a dreary land of gloom. Still, it was better than wandering around inside the house with nothing to do. I wish that the Prince was still here. I miss Him.
            Footsteps came from behind Abbie. “Hello, Abbie.” The voice was kind and strong, and oddly familiar.
            Abbie didn’t look to see who it was. She didn’t really care. “Hello.”
            The footsteps came closer. “You seem sad, Abbie. What’s wrong?”
            Abbie sighed. “The Prince is gone. I miss Him.”
            “He is not gone.”
            Abbie frowned and began to turn around. “What do you-?” She saw who the speaker was and her face lit up. “You’re back! How?”
            The Prince of Peace, for it was He, smiled. “With the Great King, anything is possible, Abbie.” She ran to Him, and He hugged her.
            As soon as He released her, Abbie turned. “Mama and Papa will want to see You! Will You come?”
            The Prince of Peace shook His head. “Not yet. I must still greet others before I see them. Go tell them that you have seen Me, and that I will come see them soon.”
            Abbie nodded. “Yes sir!” She hurried away. The Prince is back!   

Is the Prince of Peace really back? Will Bethany and Matthias believe when Abbie tells them? To find out, check back tomorrow for Part Eight of The Sacrifice! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my writing!

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