Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Changeling Reveiw

Author: Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry
 As Owen and Watcher continue their search for the King's Son, they encounter the Changeling-a creature with the ability to change into anything, even other people. Will Owen be tricked by the Changeling into leaving his mission? How can Owen know who to trust.
-Summary from the back of The Changeling
 Characters: Very good. Owen, Watcher, and the rest of the characters from previous books remain true to themselves, though Owen grows quite a bit. The Changeling is interesting and funny, even if he is a bad guy.

Location: Ok. There still isn’t as much description as I’d like, and I still got confused.

Plot: Very good! There still isn’t much subplot, but as before, humor, mystery and subplot make up for it. Although this book ends in a major cliffhanger, it’s survivable; especially since (spoiler) the Son’s identity is discovered.

Other: No other comments.

Overall Rating: 3/5

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