Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rosa Prologue

Hi! Are you ready for a new tale? If you are, great, because I'm going to begin a new one today! This one is called Rosa: A Snow White Remake and I wrote it last summer. I hope you like it! 

            It was obvious that the lady was near death. She lay in bed, shivering, yet beads of sweat dotted her brow. She coughed as she tried to speak. Another woman gently wiped the dying lady’s forehead with a damp cloth. “Hush, hush” she said. “Don’t try to speak. You’ll hurt yourself.”
            “I must speak.” gasped the first lady. “Mandy, I’m dying.”
            “Now, now, don’t say that!” cried Mandy.
            “Don’t try and hide it from me, Mandy. I know.” The lady coughed, then went on. “I have told you what I wish you to do. But there remains one thing.” Her gaze wandered to an open door, through which could be seen a small bed. Upon the bed lay a little girl, sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware of the tragedy outside.
            Mandy followed the other’s gaze. “What would you have me do, Lady Ellen?” she softly asked.
            “When I die,” coughed Lady Ellen. “Take my daughter and keep her safe. Do not let the king know whose daughter she is.”
            “But why not?” asked Mandy, wiping Lady Ellen’s forehead once more. “Is he not her father?”
            Lady Ellen shook her head. “He abandoned me,” she whispered. “He threw me aside like an old toy. She may have been his daughter at one time, but she is no longer. You must keep her safe from him.”
            “I will, Lady Ellen.” Mandy assured her. “I promise.”
            “Thank you, Mandy, dear Mandy.” Lady Ellen gasped. “Farewell, my dear friend.” Lady Ellen took one last breath, and her eyes closed in eternal sleep. Mandy sighed and a single tear dropped from her eye. She had been Lady Ellen’s faithful servant for many years, and she was the only one who knew that Lady Ellen should be Queen Ellen, and that she was an elf. She also knew that her new task would be harder than any she’d faced thus far, but she would do her best. She would do her best for the lady she had loved and served for so many years.

What will happen to Mandy? Will she succeed? To find out what happens next, check back Thursday! In the meantime, please comment with your opinions!

Update: Chapter One is up! Click here to read it!

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