Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rosa Chapter Five

Hi, everyone! Been wondering what’s going to happen to Rosa? Well, if so, you’ll find out today, because I’m posting Chapter Five! Haven’t read Chapters One through Four yet, or just need a refresher? Here’s the link to Chapter Four. And now, Rosa!

Chapter Five
Rosa and Mandy hugged each other one last time, and then Rosa turned and followed the huntsman out the door and into the garden. As she looked back one last time, she saw Mandy sitting by the window with her head in her hands. At first, Rosa couldn’t tell what Mandy was doing, but then Rosa realized that Mandy was crying. Shaken, she turned away and hurried after the huntsman, trying not to think about how her life had been turned upside down.
            Rosa and the huntsman walked for hours, first through the small village surrounding the castle, then through pastures and fields, and finally through dark woods. Neither said a word, except for the occasional directions from the huntsman. Then, just when Rosa thought she could walk no further, they stopped.
            “We’ll take a break here,” said the huntsman, “We don’t want to tire ourselves out.” He sat down, and Rosa followed suit. They sat there, barely moving for ten minutes. I could just sit here forever. Rosa thought. It’s so peaceful. Suddenly, Rosa heard a strange sound coming from the trees. It was eerie and frightening, and vaguely reminded Rosa of the castle hound howling, with a bit of the cat’s yowl when someone steps on her tail, and maybe a touch of the scream of pain Rosa had emitted once when she cut a gash in her leg. Rosa’s mind raced as she realized There’s something else too. It sounds unnatural! What could be making this horrible sound? Glancing at the huntsman, she asked “What was that?” Her voice was shrill with fright, and she could barely get the words out.
            The huntsman had leaped up when he heard the sound, and he was now standing with a long hunting knife in his hand.  “Vulges!” he exclaimed. “And close too, by the sound of it.”
            As the huntsman spoke, Rosa heard the nervousness in his voice. What’s going to happen?  She wondered. Will we die? Out loud, she asked “What are vulges?”
            The huntsman looked at Rosa, and she saw that his face was pale. “Vulges,” he said “Are like wolves, only much, much worse. They have two rows of teeth, retractable claws six inches long, and are about the size of a large horse.” As he finished speaking, a growl came from the bushes. Rosa backed away, frightened. She thought That growl sounds as eerie as the howl, and twice as menacing! What is going to happen to us? As Rosa stared at the bushes, she saw two glowing red eyes appear. Suddenly, a huge, dark creature leaped out towards Rosa and the huntsman. The huntsman jumped backwards, and the vulge landed in front of him. “Run, Rosa! Don’t worry about me! Just run!” the huntsman cried.
            Rosa hesitated. I can’t just leave him to be eaten! The huntsman saw her hesitation and called out. “Go, Rosa, please!  It’s the best way for you to help me!”
            Rosa started to say something, but stopped. Slowly, she turned, and then she took off running as if there was a whole pack of vulges behind her. Unfortunately, in her fright she ran into the deepest, darkest, scariest part of the woods. Rosa ran into the heart of the forest.
            As Rosa ran, she heard more howls, howls like those of the vulges, wolf howls, and howls that sounded scarier that the other howls rolled into on and multiplied by a hundred. Out of the corners of her eyes, Rosa saw flickering shapes. Glowing red and orange eyes, huge shadowy beasts, flickering forms that seemed to shift shape in the eeriest way possible, and many more far more horrible things floated just within her vision. Rosa tried to shut her eyes, but they would not, could not close. If anything, they opened wider. “No! No! Get away from me!” screamed Rosa, but to no avail. Now too scared to make a sound, she ran faster, but the phantoms seemed to pursue her. Suddenly, it seemed as if she had run through and into a wall of water, and sunlight hit Rosa’s face. She checked her pace and finally came to a stop. Then, she looked around, surveying her surroundings.

Where is Rosa? Will she be safe there, or has she just gotten into more trouble? To find out, check back soon! In the meantime, please comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my writing!

Update: Chapter Six is up!

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