Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poll Results: Legendary Weapons

Hi, everyone! The "What Should My Legendary Weapon Do To Combat Another Legendary Weapon?" poll is over, and here are the results. Thanks to everyone who voted! I really appreciate your opinions and will consider them and try to use them.

Extinguish any of the fire that comes so close to it. = 2 (40%)
Create a shield around the city. = 2 (40% 
Nothing; Weapon One is just a fluke. = 0 (0%)
Nothing; Weapon One doesn't have to do anything. Weapon Two doesn't exist. = 0 (0%)
Something else. = 1 (20%)

So, Legendary Weapon One should make a shield around the city that extinguishes any fire that comes near it. Either that or Legendary Weapon One should do something totally different.

Please vote in my current poll, "What, If Anything, Would You Like To See More or Less of On This Blog?" I really appreciate your opinion.

Thanks again for voting!

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