Monday, February 21, 2011

Patterns And Repetition

Hello, everyone! This Thursday, there is going to be a Patterns and Repetition contest at the photo club Daddy and I go to. So, I thought that I'd post some of the pictures I took for the contest.

Spoons in Black and White- Won 3rd place in a competition

I took this picture very recently. It was actually an attempt at Focus Stacking, which is a technique where you merge two or more pictures with different focus points so you get a picture that has a lot in focus. The attempt failed, but this picture resulted.

The Brick-work on the wall of our house

Same as above

Once more . . . this one is called "Spot of Color" and it won Honorable Mention at the above competition.

These pictures were actually re-dos of two pictures I took the day before. In the originals, it looked as if the wall was falling down. So, the next morning, I went out and re-did the shots, and the end result was these.

Heart-Shaped Cookies

More Heart-Shaped Cookies

These two pictures are of some very well-dipped heart cookies that Mommy made. They made an excellent pattern all lined up on the tray. These cookies were hand-dipped, and extremely yummilicious, which means better than yummy and delicious put together.

I hope you like these pictures! Please comment and tell me what you think! Also, please vote in my polls. With one of them, you could help decide what will happen in Antuindia Chronicles #3!


  1. The spoons photo is cool, but I actually liked the repetition in the cookies photo. And, knowing your mom, they were TRULY yummy.

  2. I like the cookies best, and I know they taste
    great. The bricks were also neat.

  3. Thanks for commenting! I liked the cookies better too, but the judge liked the spoons better. The cookies were incredibly delicious. (Dreams of Mommy's cookies that are the stuff of dreams)


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