Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Reason: A Christmas Story Part Five

Hello, everyone! I’m back, with more of The Reason: A Christmas Story! Need a reminder of what happened last time? Here’s part four. And now, the next part!

Part Five
Angel awoke the next morning to harsh coughs and extreme cold. She leapt out of bed and hurried to Kayla’s side. “Kayla? Are you alright?”
            Kayla turned towards her friend’s voice. Her skin had an ashen look to it that made Angel shudder. Between coughs, she whispered “Help, Angel! I need help!”
            Angel looked around in panic. What can I do? Then she remembered the events of the previous night. Stuffing her feet into shoes, she said “Don’t worry, Kayla. I’ll get you help. Just hang on until I get back.” Angel dashed out of the shack, towards the house where Dustin had promised help.
            “Master Dustin, sir?” said a maid.
            Dustin looked up from his nearly-finished breakfast. “Aye?”
            The maid shifted uncomfortably. “There’s a ragamuffin girl at the door, asking for you. I tried to send her away, but she insisted, saying that you had promised something. Should I tell her that you are unavailable?”
            Dustin leaped up. “No! Where b’ the lass?”
            The maid backed away, startled. “At the back door, sir.”
            “Take me to her.”
            A few minutes later, Angel had been brought inside and given a cup of hot tea. “What b’ the matter, lass?” Dustin asked.  “Something b’ very wrong that was not a problem last night.”
            Angel gulped down her tea. “Kayla’s sick! Really sick. She’s worse than she’s ever been. Please, she needs help!”
            Dustin frowned. “Would Kayla b’ yur sister?”
            Angel shook her head. “No, but she might as well be. We live together, and she’s really sick!”
            Dustin stood. “Finish yur tea, Angel. I need t’ get a friend o’ mine, and then we’ll go t’ see yur friend.”
            Soon after, Angel led Dustin and Sir Connor through the street to her shack. They could hear Kayla’s coughs as soon as they entered.  Angel rushed to her friend’s side. “Don’t worry, Kayla. I’m here, and I brought some nice men who are going to help us.”
            Dustin walked up beside Angel, his eyes taking every aspect of Kayla’s weak condition. He knelt beside the little girl and began to lift her. “There b’ no time t’ linger here. Angel, yur friend b’ needin’ a doctor!”
            Angel followed as Dustin and Sir Connor began to walk out of the shack. “Where are you taking her?”
            Sir Connor replied “Back to the house. She’ll have the best possible care, and we can call a doctor from there.”
            Angel nodded. “If you don’t mind, I’ll be there soon. There are some things I need to do here first.”
            Before long, Dustin and Sir Connor had settled Kayla into a bed back at Sir Connor’s large home. A doctor was sent for with a message to come quickly. Sir Connor paced in the front room as he waited for the doctor to arrive. “Where can he be?” he exclaimed.
            Dustin sighed. “If I could b’ tellin’ yu that, I would’ve. I do hope that he b’ gettin’ here soon.”
            Sir Connor nodded in agreement. “Aye. The mere thought of that poor girl in there makes me upset. Did you see it, Dustin? The walls were little more than boards! And there was hardly a blanket in the place! And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was next to no food, from the look of the place. I really must do something about this.”
            Dustin hid a smile. Thank You, my King. You made things work out better than I had hoped for with Sir Connor. Now, please heal this little lass!

What will happen to Kayla? Will she get better? You’ll have to wait until next time to find out! Thanks for reading!

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