Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Reason: A Christmas Story Part Three

Hello, all! I'm back with part three of The Reason: A Christmas Story! Need a refresher? Here's part two! And now, part three!

Part Three
Angel gulped as the door opened. There’s a lot more people than I expected. As soon as she could, she began to sing.

“Oh, holy night.
The stars are brightly shining.
This is the night of our dear Savior’s birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appeared and the soul felt its worth  . . .”

            As she sang, Angel could see a red haired man asking a tall, dark haired lady something. The lady summoned a servant. Once the song was over, the lady hurried to the front and gave Angel a mug filled with hot tea. “Drink this.” she ordered, dropping a bag into Angel’s basket.
            Angel drank the sweet, warm liquid eagerly. “Thank you, milady.” she said, and turned to go as the ladies and gentlemen headed back.
            A heavily accented voice called her back. “Lass! Dinna go!”
            Angel turned. One man still stood in the doorway, snowflakes dusting his red hair. Angel fell back into her common “street talk” as she replied “What is it, Gov’nor?”
            The man replied “What b’ yur name, lass? I like t’ address people by their name.”
            “My name is Angel, gov’nor.”
            “Well, Angel, I wish that I could b’ lettin’ yu in, out o’ the cold, but me hostess would not b’ happy if I did, and I b’ thinkin’ I should not annoy her much more this evening. So, can yu try t’ come back on the morrow? I’d b’ thinkin’ I can help yu then.”
            Angel gasped. “Really, gov’nor? You’d help me?”
            He nodded. “Aye. Ask for Dustin. Do yu understand?”
            She nodded. “Thank you, gov’nor! I will!” Angel waved as she walked into the night, her heart light with a new breeze of hope.
            Dustin returned to the party only to be cornered by his host and hostess.  “Why did you stay behind, Dustin?” demanded Sir Connor.
            Dustin sighed. “Did yu not see the lass? Her dress and shawl were more holes than cloth, she had no stockings, and I’d b’ guessin’ that her shoes are far too small. I just b’ offerin’ the lass some help.”
            Lady Leslie frowned. “Really, Dustin, I think you’re overreacting.”
            Dustin shook his head. “Nay, milady. I’ve seen them. Little ones like that b’ needin’ all the help they can b’ gettin’.”
            “And what kind of help did you offer?” Sir Conner asked.
            Dustin looked at his host impassively. “I invited her back for a good meal and a bit o’ warmth.” An idea struck him. “Sir Conner, yu have quite a bit o’ influence in this city, do yu not?”
            Sir Connor raised an eyebrow. “That was the understatement of the year. I’m the most influential man in the city.”
            Dustin continued. “Well, if I can prove t’ yu that there b’ those out there who b’ needin’ yur help, will yu agree t’ use yur resources t’ do it?”
            Sir Connor frowned. “Only if you promise that if you’re wrong, you’ll stop bothering us with this.”
            Dustin nodded. “I promise.” 

What will happen next? Will Dustin be able to prove his point to Sir Connor? And what will happen to Angel? You'll have to wait until next time to find out. In the meantime, please comment! I'd love to hear what you think!

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