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The Reason: A Christmas Story Part Seven

Hello! I’m here again, with part seven of The Reason: A Christmas Story! Here’s part six in case you need a refresher. Enjoy!

Part Seven
Not long afterwards, the doctor emerged from Kayla’s room, a scowl on his face. Angel rushed up to him. Falling into “street talk” in her concern, she asked “Please, gov’nor, will Kayla be alright?”
            The doctor’s scowl softened when he saw Angel’s pleading face. “I’m very sorry. Your friend . . . well . . . she probably won’t make it.” He turned to Dustin. “My guess is that she had weak lungs from birth, and the combination of malnutrition and cold that she got on the streets made it so bad that this happened. I’m actually surprised it didn’t happen earlier. Someone must’ve been taking care of her.”
            Angel struggled to keep back tears. “How’d you know that me an’ Kayla lived on the streets, gov’nor?”
            The doctor sighed. “I’ve seen the symptoms often enough to recognize it.” His scowl deepened. “Someone really should do something about it. It’s shameful how we all seem to ignore them. I do what I can, but running the practice and the home take quite a bit of money, and I can’t afford to do much.”
            Dustin nodded. “Aye, doctor. I’d b’ the first t’ agree with yu. I’m tryin’ t’ do something about it, and it b’ good t’ know that there are others.”
            The doctor nodded. “I’ll agree to that. Let me know if you need help. Good day and the Great King bless you.”
            Dustin smiled. “The same t’ yu, doctor.”
            Angel tugged on Dustin’s sleeve. “May I see Kayla?” she asked.
            Dustin nodded. “Go ahead. Yu go see yur friend, and spend some time with her before it b’ too late.”
            Angel slowly walked into the sunny room where Kayla lay. The younger girl lay curled in bed, shivering despite the many blankets. A tray of untouched food sat on the bedside table. Angel rushed to her friend’s side. “Kayla?”
            Kayla turned towards Angel. “Angel. I hoped you’d come.”
            Angel did her best to smile, but it was more difficult than it ever had been. “I’m here, Kayla. Don’t worry.”
            Kayla’s voice sounded like it was coming from far away. “I’m dying, Angel. I’ll be with the Great King soon.”
            Angel shook her head, tears blurring her vision. The doctor’s words echoed in her mind, and she inwardly vowed that she’d prove them wrong. “No, Kayla! Don’t say that! You can live! I know you can! You have to! Things are just getting better, I can tell!”
            Kayla just smiled. “Don’t be afraid of losing me, Angel. I’ll be happy forever with Him.”
            Angel frowned. “No! Don’t say that! You’re just giving up without a fight!” Angel almost feared how grown-up Kayla sounded. Why is this happening? How can she be so at peace?
            Kayla sighed. “Angel, do you have my Treasure?”
            Angel nodded, and pulled it from her basket. “I have it.”
            “Can you read the passage called “The Shepherd Song” to me?” Kayla requested.
            Angel flipped through the pages. She found the passage near the middle, close to where she had read the circled verse. “The Great King is my Shepherd. I shall never want. He gives me a safe place to lie down, and He leads me beside quiet streams of water. He gives me life.  Even though I walk through danger and death’s shadow is upon me, I will not fear evil. The Great King will protect and comfort me. He prepares a great feast for me while my enemies are nearby. He calls me His child. I have no needs. Goodness and love will always be near me, and I will dwell with Him forever*.”
            As Angel read, Kayla’s face became peaceful, almost blissful. “Thank You, Great King.” she whispered. “I know that I will soon be with You. Please help Angel. She doesn’t understand about You, even though she needs to. I love You.”
            The door opened, and two tall, strong men entered. They strode silently to Kayla’s bed and began to lift her.
            Angel launched herself at the nearest man, attempting to make him leave Kayla. “Who are you? Leave her alone!” she screeched.
            The man turned from Kayla and effortlessly detached Angel. “We are taking her to the Great King. Do not hinder us.”
            Angel redoubled her attack. “No! She can live!”
            The man shook his head. “If she does not come with us, she will die.”
            Kayla raised her head from where she was nestled in the other man’s arms. She looked surprisingly alive as she said “Let me go, Angel. They are warriors of the Great King. They will not harm me.”
            Kayla’s words, so simple, were the only thing in the world that could ever stop Angel when she was upset, and they did just that. Angel let go of the man and backed away, but her eyes filled with tears. “I’ll miss you Kayla. I’ll miss you forever.”
            Kayla leaned down to give her friend one last kiss. “Don’t cry for me, Angel. I’ll be home soon.”

Thanks for reading!
*Based on Psalm 23

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